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  1. Insert a new column. The first row should be the new metadata element. (We will refer to it as the TARGET)
  2. Select the column/rows of the data you wish to change. (We will refer to it as the SOURCE)
  3. Cut and paste this data into the new column (TARGET) you created in Step 1.
  4. Leave the column (SOURCE) you just cut and pasted from empty. Do not delete it.

Common Issues

Metadata values in CSV export seem to have duplicate columns
DSpace responds with "No changes were detected" when CSV is uploaded

Unfortunately, this response may be caused in many ways

  • It's possible the CSV was not saved properly after editing.
  • Depending on the version of DSpace, you may be encountering this known bug with processing linebreaks in CSV files: DS-3245
  • If you are setting a new embargo date in the CSV, ensure that the embargo lift date is a future date.  It's been reported that past dates may cause DSpace to ignore item changes.