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Organizations Offering Hosting Services

OrganizationHosted Product(s)
Data Curation Experts (DCE)

Tenejo - Tenejo provides a fully-featured, flexible repository solution to showcase your digital content. You get the benefits of a Samvera-based solution including robust collection building, IIIF integration, workflow management, and many other features. Outsourcing your Samvera hosting eliminates your upgrade, staffing, hardware, bandwidth, backup, and security worries.

Hosting for Custom Applications - DCE provides full service hosting for custom developed Samvera applications.

CoSector, University of London

Hyku - Hyku is an out of the box Hyrax-based repository with support for multi-tenancy created from the 'Hydra-in-a-Box' project. We offer hosting of single- and multi-tenant Hyku instances.

HyraxLeaf - we also offer hosting of bespoke, tailored repositories based on our HyraxLeaf instance, including flexible content models and all of the other features of Hyrax such as flexible workflows, IIIF support and more.


DevOps and Maintenance support:  Notch8 provides up time monitoring, error tracking, security monitoring and patching of applications.  We can also offer additional help in setting up your deployments and scripts.  These services are available on Notch8 managed servers, or for projects hosted on external servers.  

Coming Soon - Notch8 is currently working on a Hyku backed  application for hosting institutional repositories.  We expect to launch this fall.