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  • Chris Awre 
  • Danny Bernstein 
  • Robert Cartolano 
  • Aaron Choate
  • Sayeed Choudhury
  • Stefano Cossu
  • Tom Cramer
  • Jon Dunn
  • Karen Estlund
  • Maude Francis
  • Neil Jefferies
  • Mark Jordan
  • Danny Lamb
  • Steve Marks
  • Rosalyn Metz 
  • Este Pope 
  • Robin Ruggaber 
  • Doron Shalvi 
  • Tim Shearer
  • Dustin Slater
  • Erin Tripp
  • Jennifer Vinopal
  • Ben Wallberg
  • Evviva Weinraub (Carolyn standing in)
  • Jared Whiklo
  • David Wilcox
  • Andrew Woods (star)
  • Maurice York
  • Patrick Yott




DuraSpace-LYRASIS Merger Q&A


Use cases to support the design of next major version (6.0) of Fedora

  • Commitment to 6.0
  • Alignment of use cases before the planned f2f design meeting (Columbia, Emory, Johns Hopkins, NLM, UNC, UVa, ...)

Funding Fedora development efforts in 2019

  • Based on discussions at the CNI Fedora Leaders meeting
  • Fedora 6.0, migration tooling, etc.
  • Some Leaders have indicated that extra funds might be available, could anyone else potentially contribute?

Fcrepo-OCFL Mapping: Background and Open Questions

  • Document available for review

Membership Task Force

  • Looking for volunteers to help recruit new members and retain existing members

Fedora annual report

  • Looking for volunteers to contribute content and ideas

Technical Priorities



Previous Action Items

  • All: Explore how to bring better cross-effort alignment between Fedora and other repository efforts.
  • Robin Lindley Ruggaber take discussion back to Samvera SG to gain commitment for implementing Samvera over Fedora5.
  • Stefano Cossu: Draft letter about Strategy and Vision (may want to wait until after leaders at CNI Fall 2018). 
  • All: Raise the topic of how to get better data on who is installing/using what versions of Fedora with the Communication and Community strategy groups.
  • Governance Group - Review subgroups and organization.
  • Rosalyn Metz  will use some of the language in the pre-meeting report to contribute to a Samvera roadmap white paper; David Wilcox will provide some usage/implementation statistics and read through before submission
  • Who?? Possible survey of community use of faculty profiling/reporting systems
  • Rosalyn Metz and Robin Lindley Ruggaber will add Integrations into the Ecosystem part of Product Position
  • Robin Lindley Ruggaber to lead gathering the use cases.
  • Maurice York and Robin Lindley Ruggaber to ask their teams how things are currently structured on disk to compare against the OCFL spec.


Merger updates

  1. Erin has met with each of the project leadership groups
    • Interest in maintain "DuraSpace" sensibilities
    • Carol MM is updating the merger FAQ
  2. Are there community conversations happening?
    • Emory scholarly comm team has had questions
      • Is this a good thing - yes!
      • Brings community projects closer together
      • Kudos for Erin's approach and orchestration
    • Interest in "an open stack"
  3. Erin has a strong sense of trust in Lyrasis and its management
  4. Recognition of various organizations in this space
    • Value in bringing them closer
    • Ideally, these orgs can use the opportunity re-connect and re-align
  5. Merger has the opportunity to "create an identity" for Lyrasis in this space
  6. Two webinars coming for further community conversation (next Wed)
    • All encouraged to join, there will be a recording
  7. How is the Lyrasis community responding?
    • All projects likely do not require the same model
    • Q: How do the small institutions (LYR) combine in a community with the R1s (DURA)
      • How can larger initiatives benefit the landscape at-large
  8. This is very different from the DPLA and DPN updates

Use cases for Fedora 6

  1. Older use cases may no longer all be relevant
    • Fedora API replaces the need for many
    • Robin has reorganized Use Cases wiki
    • Request for folks to review and add use cases
      + ** Should annotate use cases as: done, OBE, etc
  2. It is important that Fedora 6 is meeting community use cases
  3. Time is of the essence in terms of getting the use cases added by the f2f
  4. Which institutions have a commitment to implementing F6?
    • Emory - maybe
    • ACTION: David W to send an email to Leaders asking for F6 commitment
    • Robin to have a discussion with the UVa team
    • Maurice interested in following the Fedora roadmap, currently on F4
      • Institutional discussion required
    • Stefano (Getty) has use cases, but is not in a position to implement

Funding opportunities

  1. Are there institutions who are in a position to contribute funding for 2019 ef
    • Specifically, development work
  2. ACTION: David W to email the group

Fedora / OCFL document

  1. Request for all (who are interested) to review and comment on the document


  1. ACTION: David W to send an email with list of items for feedback
    • Membership task force
      • Robin to join
      • Robin to join
    • Annual report
      • Robin to review
      • Edits open until the end of Feb
      • Intention to have the report finished by end of March

F2F meeting

  1. Is there anyone else that we should encourage to come?
    • If we plan on contracting with anyone for development, maybe they could come

Action Items 

  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date