• Andrew Woods
  • Esme Cowles
  • Chris Beer (star)
  • Daniel Davis *
  • Declan Fleming
  • A. Soroka
  • Benjamin Armintor
  • Zhiwu Xie
  • Neil Jefferies (having issues with may data connection - may not be in the call if I can't fix it!)
  • Yinlin Chen

Note-taker = (star)
Previous note-taker = *


  1. Review of areas of assessment
    Action Item: Enhance descriptions of different areas (particularly 6, 7, and 8)
  2. Architecture walk-through
    Notes as comments on the wiki page.
  3. Review to-date performance testing summary
  4. Assign owners to (some number of) areas of assessment

  5. Thought exercise: "What would be the technical "risks" of releasing 4.0 Production *now*"?
    1. Or another way, "Where do we want to put next sprint's dev energy"?


  • Architecture walk-through
    • Message-emitter should be added to F4 diagram
    • Do we need two diagrams? - no
      • as implemented
      • aspirational
    • It would be beneficial to define ci-tests
  • There was interest in testing how to extend the code
  • Next meeting: Wed meeting next week 8/27 at noon ET


  • (tick) Esme to investigate current ModeShape development roadmap and how it aligns with F4
    • clustering, etc
  • Adam and Ben to assess REST-API (goal of versioning this API)
  • (tick) Dan to enhance descriptions of "Areas of Assessment" numbers 6, 7, and 8

  • Neil to define initial set of system CI tests