DSpace UI Prototype Working Group

Working group is retired. Next phase of this work (creating the DSpace 7 UI) has moved over to DSpace 7 Working Group

Working Group tasks are completed

The tasks of this working group have completed with the resolution of the DSpace UI Prototype Challenge and the selection of the Angular 2 UI platform for the next UI (see the Angular 2 UI proof-of-concept).

This selection was announced during a presentation at the OR16 conference in Dublin.

As the new UI Initiative work transitions into a community-led/organized project, this working group has no future activities assigned. However it may be re-established at any time as deemed necessary.

Scope & Objectives

The DSpace Strategy and Roadmap Working Group recommended that the highest priority and first project for the new DSpace roadmap should be the creation of a single UI for DSpace.  There is already wide support from stakeholders and DSpace Steering for a project to identify an architecture and technology that would replace the existing XMLUI and JSPUI interfaces with a new, modern UI.

The method for evaluating and recommending the alternative architecture will be defined and managed by this working group. It is assumed that community volunteers will work on minimal pilot applications that provide demonstrable alternatives for consideration.  Working Group members may contribute/lead one of these pilots, but this is not a requirement for serving on the Working Group.

It is expected that the work of this group will be completed within a twelve-to-sixteen week timespan.

Deliverables & Timeframe


1. Document the method for evaluating and recommending alternate architectures/technologies - Documented in this charter (tick)

August - September
2. Document pilot application expectations and requirements - DSpace UI Prototype Challenge (tick)
August - September
3. Define criteria for evaluation - Final evaluation form linked off DSpace UI Prototype Challenge  (tick)
August - September
4. Recruit and manage pilot teams -  Announcement sent to all mailing lists (tick)
5. Due date for prototype submissions - Final prototype submissions at DSpace UI Prototype Challenge  (tick)December 2015
6. Review and evaluate work of the pilot teams - See DSpace UI Prototype Challenge page for evaluation form & schedule (tick)
January - February 2016
7. Recommend a target architecture/technology for the new UI to the DSpace Steering Group and Leadership Group (tick)
March 2016

Note that the development of the new UI is not a deliverable of this Working Group.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Frequency of meetings will be every other week, unless modified by the facilitator.  Initial meetings may be more frequent.

The group will use the standard DSpace lists to communicate.  When using a shared channel, start the subject line with “[new-UI]” or something similar to distinguish content.

Meeting agendas are sent to the dspace-community and dspace-devel mailing lists.

Meeting Notes are posted to the wiki below.

Next Meeting

None scheduled



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