2018-02-08 DSpace 7 Working Group Meeting notes


Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)


Location: DSpace Meeting Room


  • General Updates
  • Angular UI Team updates (via Art)
    • Angular 5 upgrade is nearly ready to merge: https://github.com/DSpace/dspace-angular/pull/214  Reviewed & approved by William Welling.

      • Patrick said his tests look good overall

      • Tim tested on Windows (during discussion). Looks to work
      • Art will merge after mtg.  (UPDATE: Done! PR merged)
    • Angular 5's Transfer State API: https://github.com/DSpace/dspace-angular/pull/220  Also reviewed/approved by William
      • ACTION (Tim): Test that serverside rendering works correctly. Turn off Javascript  (UPDATE: Done! PR merged)
    • Art working on Search service UI.  Hopes to have an initial version ready to share by next week's meeting
    • Lotte has a PR for search page truncation: https://github.com/DSpace/dspace-angular/pull/221
      • Art demoed this work via screensharing
      • Looks good overall. Some institutions might want to configure which fields are truncated (Art notes that's configurable)
      • Seems like a good first step. We can always improve later on (after merger) if folks run into issues or find things confusing.
    • Giuseppe is working on Authentication
      • Giuseppe demos the new Authentication/Login UI via screensharing. Art & Tim agree it looks great.
    • Giuseppe notes that Angular seems to have issues when a REST API returns a 200 response with an empty body.  Seems to be the HTTP client?
      • This occurs currently in dspace-angular in at least two places:
        • If a community/collection logo doesn't exist
        • Also occurs during successful authentication
      • Art notes that 204 response seems to be more appropriate if the body is empty: https://httpstatuses.com/204
        • This might be the most appropriate response for a community/collection without a logo, as logos are completely optional
      • Terry notes that, for authentication, maybe the response shouldn't be empty.  It might be helpful to pass back some info?
      • ACTION (Andrea or Giuseppe): Create a ticket for REST API.  A 200 response should never return an empty body. If there are situations where we feel the body should be empty, this should be a 204 Response.