2018-01-18 DSpace 7 Working Group Meeting notes


Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)


Meeting in DSpace Meeting Room


  • DSpace 7 Planning discussion
    • Tim has not had as much time as hoped to work on the planning spreadsheet.  A very rough start though at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18brPF7cZy_UKyj97Ta44UJg5Z8OwJGi7PLoPJVz-g3g/edit?usp=sharing
      • This was based heavily on an earlier planning spreadsheet from Atmire
      • Currently the data is inaccurate. 
      • ACTION: To be enhanced / cleaned up by Tim in next week
    • How will this spreadsheet relate to the Waffle Board (for Angular UI) and JIRA (for REST API)?
      • The spreadsheet should be higher level planning. More oriented around features, and eventually sprints.  One feature may map to multiple tickets
      • However, please keep Tim honest on this as we move this forward
  • DSpace Outreach Team Mtg
    • Met yesterday, and this team is beginning to work on an early draft of a feature list for DSpace (oriented towards the DSpace 7 release, but also includes existing features)
    • This document will be aimed at a repository manager (and above) audience.  Will also be working to get input/feedback from DCAT in coming weeks/months
    • Very early, rough draft / framework started at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M5f9FE-V3eQDYnKc1b7wOv5thT143oTdUGtf-Vqk7Gw/edit
    • Will promote more once the content is filled out a bit more
  • OR2018 Propoals - All three were submitted
  • Angular UI Team updates (via Art)
    • Note: Angular demo site currently broken cause of updates to REST API demo site that were slightly buggy.  (UPDATE: this is now fixed)
    • Merged PR: https://github.com/DSpace/dspace-angular/pull/202
    • Almost ready to merge (a few final tests to add): https://github.com/DSpace/dspace-angular/pull/211
    • Travis CI is currently using the live REST API demo (hosted by 4Science).  This means Travis tests can fail if that demo site is down or otherwise "incompatible" with current tests.  This seems like an issue
      • Should we mock a REST API?
        • Tim says yes. It's not good to have tests dependent on an external site
        • We used to do this as static JSON files, e.g. see the old static data here: https://github.com/DSpace/dspace-angular/tree/master/src/backend
        • Ideally though we aren't doing duplicative work here...and can somehow use the REST API itself?  Instead of creating static mocks/JSON to test against?
        • Andrea also not sure that all tests can be run against static JSON... e.g. tests that involve content negotiation, or even possible authentication?
      • Is there a way to either automate the REST API mock (via Spring Docs sample JSON?) ... or maybe have Travis install a temporary REST API to perform the tests?
      • We need a ticket for this to add notes & investigate the best way to resolve this. 
    • Angular 5 upgrade progress
      • William won't be able to work on for some time. He has travel in near future
      • ACTION: Art will take this over and begin investigating the upgrade process
  • REST API Updates (from Andrea)
    • Merged https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/pull/1881/

    • Fix for REST API demo coming soon (from Tom). Andrea will update demo and merge ASAP once ready
    • In reviewing https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/pull/1898 we noticed a minor bug
      • Endpoints that end with Slash should not be responded to.  This is unexpected behavior from a REST API.  Should be logged as a bug.
    • Ready to be merged: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/pull/1920
    • Dependency issues in getting new REST API running locally: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/pull/1921
      • This concept seems fine as a "quick fix"
      • However, Tim notes that the better fix is to..
      • ACTION: Patrick Trottier has volunteered to investigate the "better fix" and get use updated to log4j version 2.
      • In the meantime, we should merge the "quick fix" just to get the build working again. We can revert some of these dependency exclusions once the "better fix" is ready.
    • Terry asks about REST API Authentication.  Basic auth seems to be working fine.  Should all other authentication plugins also be working? (e.g. Shibboleth)
      • Tom says they should all likely be working, except for possibly Shibboleth...as Shib requires a lot of redirects (to the Shib IdP and back) to complete the full authentication process
      • This may require the Angular UI to handle some of this redirection in order to complete the Shib authentication.  Unsure how this should be handled
      • ACTION: Tom has volunteered to investigate how other Angular (or Javascript) apps support Shib / SAML2 authentication.  Perhaps we can learn from them or find a plugin to handle this.
      • ACTION: Terry will also do some basic testing of the Shibboleth authentication as-is, to see what works/doesn't
  • Next Meeting will be Thurs, Jan 25 at 15:00UTC in DSpace Meeting Room