2017-11-30 DSpace 7 Working Group Meeting notes


Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)



  • General updates (from Tim)
    • Nothing to share today.  Not as much activity because of Thanksgiving holiday in USA last week
  • Angular UI Team updates (from Art)
  • REST API Updates
  • Schedule for rest of year.
    • Tim is only around on Dec 7 and 14.  On vacation/holiday from Dec 18 - Jan 2.
    • Art & Andrea said they are both around on Dec 21 as well. But, after that are on holiday until week of Jan 8.
    • So, on Dec 21, Art and Andrea could touch base if they wanted.  After that, the next meeting would be Thurs, Jan 11 (once all have returned).
  • Open Repositories 2018
  • Next Meeting will be Thurs, Dec 7 at 15:00UTC via Google Hangouts