DSpace 7 Working Group

More Information / Background on DSpace 7

Background information on the DSpace 7 Release available at DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary.

More information, including some FAQs available at DSpace Release 7.0 Status

DSpace 7 Updates from OR2021

All the materials (slides, etc) and video recordings from OR2021 are available off the wiki page DSpace 7 at OR2021.  

Scope & Objectives

The goal of this working group, led by Tim Donohue, is to create a new, single User Interface (UI) for DSpace that implements all functionality currently available in JSPUI and XMLUI.  The UI will interact with DSpace core data through a completely new REST API to insure complete separation of the user layer from the data layer.


DSpace 7 Development Status

Latest, high level status of DSpace 7 development is captured in our DSpace 7 Project Boards. These boards are managed in GitHub.

Implementation of the User Interface and the REST API with code delivered on GitHub along with documentation on how to use, install, and extend the interface.

User Interface: Angular 10

REST API: Java 11

Angular UI resources

REST API resources

Training Resources


  • Code Contributions: Generally, our working group follows the documented DSpace Code Contribution Guidelines and Code Style Guide.
  • Join one of our weekly meetings (see below). Meetings tend to be hands-on, but we welcome newcomers.
  • Join our Slack channel(s) (see below).  We use Slack as a way to stay in touch each day (between our weekly meetings)
  • Developers are welcome to jump in and claim tickets for either Angular UI or REST API We maintain a list of easier tickets specifically for new developers to learn about the contribution process (See the "good first issue" label for Angular UI or REST)

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

  • Meetings: We meet every week on Thurs (see schedule below), using the DSpace Zoom Meeting Room (using Slack as a backchannel).  Anyone is welcome to join these meetings.
  • Slack: Between meetings, we encourage usage of Slack to keep in touch and ask questions. If you have not yet joined the DSpace Slack, you may request an invite. All are welcome on Slack.
    • In Slack, we primarily use two channels:
      • #dev-sprint: For ongoing, day-to-day (between meetings) updates on DSpace 7 activities
      • #angular-ui : For DSpace 7 (Angular) UI updates, discussions and/or questions.
      • #rest-api : For DSpace 7 REST API updates, discussions and/or questions.

Next Meeting

Meetings are every Thursday (except where noted in agendas) from 14:00-15:00 UTC (10am-11am EDT) in https://lyrasis.zoom.us/my/dspace (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040). Additional connection options (phone, etc) detailed at DSpace Meeting Room.

  • Agenda & Connection Information can be found in the meeting notes below.

Meeting Notes