DevMtg 2016-07-20

Developers Meeting on Weds, July 20, 2016

Today's Meeting Times


Ongoing Reminders

  • New UI Initiatiave (previously called DSpace UI Prototype Challenge).
    • Next phase won't begin until after 6.0 is released
    • Team who built the proof-of-concept UI have begun a (rough) list of brainstorming/planning tickets for the next phase
    • A User Interface / User Experience Interest Group is in the process of being established (via DCAT). Once established, a call for more members will be made on all lists
    • Possible Interest Group(s) for REST API and one for Angular 2 UI design forthcoming.

Discussion Topics

  1. DSpace 6.0 Status. List is getting shorter, but we could really use more help closing out these final tickets!! Volunteers welcome!
    1. Path to 6.0: Need to move rapidly towards an RC3 / Final!
    2. "Must Have" tickets that need resolution before 6.0 Final (These are all unresolved tickets flagged "Fix for 6.0" with a priority of "Major" or above.)
      1. T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    3. Other "quick win" PRs, which are "nice to haves":
  2. Other 6.0 "known issues" (Any tickets in these lists that are not listed above may be rescheduled for 6.1 or later, if no volunteers are found)
    1. Other unresolved issues flagged from "testathon":
    2. All the PRs flagged for 6.0 (some may need rescheduling):
  3. Other topics?
    1. Is anyone interested in trying out this new tool? Dependency CI (free for open source projects)

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