DevMtg 2012-04-18

Developers Meeting on Weds, April 18, 2012


Regular Items

Reminder: The (Face-to-Face) DSpace Developers Meeting at OR12 in Edinburgh will more than likely be on Monday, July 9.

Discussion Topics

  1. Quick FYI : Tim will be out-of-office next week (April 25) at a DuraSpace All-Staff Meeting. Volunteer to lead meeting on April 25?
  2. 3.0 Release Planning
    • Features to add to the "possible features" list? Other topics to discuss around 3.0?
    • Wondering if we want to schedule a "Special Topic" meeting (perhaps even via a Skype voice call) to begin to brainstorm/plan 3.0 features?
    • Current Release Team: Hardy P, Sands F, Kim S, Robin T
  3. GitHub Migration
  4. Other topics?

Additional Ongoing Topics

  1. Brainstorming Features/Changes for 3.0. Can we work towards development teams around any of these projects?

Individual Status Updates

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

Action items coming out of this meeting go here, if any.

  • TODO - Update the ReleaseCoordinating page to better outline Release Processes
    • Add "Update this document with lessons learned" as the final task of any release.