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I have an informal "Office Hours" in #duraspace IRC every Wednesday from 1pm-4pm EDT (17:00-20:00 UTC).

What are Office Hours?

Essentially, it's a promise that I'll be lurking/listening in #duraspace IRC during that timeframe, ready and willing to chat with other developers on any topics of interest to you.

  • Running into an annoying issue that you need some help with?
  • Have an idea that you'd like to bounce off someone?
  • Have something interesting you are working on that you'd like to show off or get feedback on?

Stop by and lets talk about it!

Please note that, as with all #duraspace IRC discussions, public logs will be made available on


  • Every Wednesday from 17:00-20:00 UTC (1pm - 4pm EDT), just before the weekly DSpace Developer Meeting.  Just login and send me (tdonohue) a message if you have something to talk about.
  • Although I make every effort to be in IRC every week at this time, there are occasionally important meetings that pop up (or vacation/holiday days). You are welcome to send me an email beforehand if you want to ensure I'll be available on a particular date.
  • I'm also often in IRC other times during the week. But, depending on my meeting/work schedule for a given day, I may or may not be available to chat on demand.


Once you login, feel free to ping me (tdonohue) to start the discussion.

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