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  • Women of Samvera Happy Hour
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Note new time and location!!

Venue: Knight Center EMBA 4th floor pub

Directions: This pub is hidden! We will add some directional signage.

When you exit the Emerson Auditorium, turn right and follow the hallway (near the Registration Desk) toward the Knight Center. On the right are double doors that will take to the first floor of the Knight Center. Elevators are across from the reception desk. The 4th floor requires card access, but ask at the Reception Desk and someone will help you. Otherwise, take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Across from the dining hall is a set of stairs that leads to the pub. on the left. You made it!

Date: Wednesday 10/23

Time: 4:30 - 6pm


  1. Anna Headley
  2. Maria Whitaker
  3. Jessica Hilt
  4. Nabeela Jaffer
  5. Carolyn Caizzi
  6. Emily Porter
  7. Mollie Webb
  8. Emily Stenberg
  9. Christina Chortaria
  10. Julie Allinson
  11. Julie Hardesty
  12. Hannah Frost
  13. Dorris Scott
  14. Sadie Roosa
  15. Chrissy Rissmeyer
  16. Margaret Mellinger 
  17. LaRita Robinson
  18. Gretchen Gueguen 
  19. Danielle Creech
  20. Katherine Lynch
  21. Casey Davis Kaufman
  22. Lynette Rayle
  23. Ellen Ramsey
  24. Nora Egloff
  25. Anna Goslen
  26. Rebekah Kati
  27. Jennifer Smith
  28. Karen Shaw
  29. Martha Stuit
  30. Kelly Chess
  31. Linda Sato
  32. Cara Key
  33. Christy Karpinski

  34. Robin Ruggaber
  35. Harriett Green
  36. Cari Lovins
  37. Karen Cariani
  38. Moira Downey
  39. Shadae Gatlin
  40. Huawei Weng
  41.  Jennifer Moore
  42. Max Capacity is 60

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