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  • URI Selection Call 2017-07-21
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9-10am Pacific

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Access Code: 920 757 406

Join by Phone: +1-415-655-0002



  • Review draft call for submissions
    • Julie left a few comments; Mark +1's her suggestions
    • Submission options
      • Do we want to have a submission email address?
      • No strong opinions
      • Contact either Ryan or the samvera-metadata Google Group
      • People unfamiliar with Github should contact 
    • Ryan to replace "Hydra" with "Samvera" in predicate decision tree
  • Review process
    • Proposal to use to manage review process - 
    • Make sure we have a quick acknowledgement thanking contributor that WG is reviewing request
    • What is our process for deferring suggestions to other vocabulary maintainers?
    • What is a reasonable turnaround time?
  • Review submitted issues -
  • Issue template - revised as per discussions at last meeting, in line with predicate decision tree: (Julie)
  • Vocab manager development
    • Ryan talked to Karen Estlund; on steering agenda for 7/28

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  1. Hello ... as I can't be at the call, I've added a couple of comments on the call for submission. Re Ruth's term submission - it's nice and clear and seems to demonstrate that the template works, although it would be good to ask her what she thought? As for the term itself, it's quite specialized but I see no problem in accepting it given the provided rationale. Adding as a subProperty of dc contributor seems sensible, but would that be dc11 or dcterms? If the latter we'd need to add the range.