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Hydra Connect 2 will be organized as an Unconference on Thursday afternoon (Oct. 2nd).   We will discuss and vote on Unconference topics on Wednesday Oct. 1st.   

Please fill in this list with your suggestions for topics  – this is YOUR Unconference!

Please indicate what group(s) will be most interested in each topic:

  • NPA = New and prospective adopters
  • MGR = managers
  • DEV = developers

If you don't have editing rights on this wiki, drop us an email to  and we'll fill it in for you.


What is our longer term vision?    X 
HydraDAM and WGBH's new workflow for media preservation X    
Metadata workflows/management and Hydra X    
Do I know where to start?X X   
Architectural Oversight of Hydra core   X  
A fresh look at the Hierarchy of Promises   X  
Research Data in Hydra - critical use cases X    
Regional Hydra group organisationXX    
Setting up a PROD environment X X  
Hydra/Fedora4 opportunities (linked data, authz, solr, etc.)   X  
Effective and efficient testing for Hydra  XX  
Developing in Rails and Hydra - Guidance and Considerations  XX  
What gems are commonly used in addition to and complementary with the Hydra stack and why might I choose to use one?  (e.g. Sufia, Hydra-Role Management, ActiveTriples, Hydramata, Worthwhile, etc.)X X   
WTF RDA? (srsly, what is this and how does it help libraries? Something more than RTFM. )    X 
Deploying Hydra - configuration management, deployment management, and the release delivery cycle (possibly fold with Setting up a PROD env)X
Best practices (so far) and working models in multi-head ecosystems - building modular heads and sharing code internally  XX  
Designing User Experiences    X 
Metadata definition and use with Hydra (structural, RDF, what do users need to manage objects, what will work for developers)    X 
Agile development - How to start, how to scale    x 
What exactly is a "solution bundle"? Looking to discuss how policy, staffing and management of the new service is handled.XX    
Metadata aggregation / harvesting / enrichment in or on Hydra    X 
GeoData in Hydra / GeoBlacklight (maybe some blacklight-maps)XXXXX 
Open Annotation (Spotlight use case discussion, create a models gem, other discussion topics)xxxxx 
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