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The links below provide three variants on the Samvera logo that we have made available for use in presentations and articles.  Where possible, the svg version should be used but two png versions are available to cover circumstances where it is not suitable.

The Samvera name is a trademark in the US and in Europe with a Canadian application pending. The Samvera logo is the subject of trademark applications in all those three jurisdictions and we ask that you use it in a professional manner.  If you feel the need for a "derivative" logo, please get in touch with the Samvera Steering Group for their approval.


Samvera logo - autumn colors - TM - svg

Samvera logo - autumn colors - TM - png - 220px wide

Samvera logo - autumn colors - TM - png - 620px wide

Slide templates

If you are giving a presentation about Samvera (rather than about, say, a project at your institution) we ask that you use an "official" presentation template as provided below.

Samvera PowerPoint template

Samvera Google Slides template  (To use, make a copy of this in your own Google Drive area)


The following slide pack(s) contain slides that you may wish to copy for use in your own presentations.  Please be aware that some slides contain information that changes with time and you should check it before use.

Slides from Beginners' Workshop  pptx - 19.86MB

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