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With so many attendees at this year's Hydra Connect it will be impossible for everyone to introduce themselves like we have done in the past.

This year we will split into threes group of 10 new and older institutions.  We ask for:

  • One representative to introduce themselves and their institution
  • Speak for 1 minute or less
  • Answer two questions:
    • What is most compelling about Hydra?
    • What topic is most of interest at Hydra Connect?



Oregon Digital: Oregon State, University of Oregon1
Stanford University1
Trinity College Dublin1
Artefactual Systems Inc.1
Cornell University1
Georgia Institute of Technology1
Northeastern University1
UC Berkeley1
University of California, Santa Barbara1
University of Washington1
Penn State University2
Princeton University2
Virginia Tech2
Brown University2
Digital Public Library of America2
Kent State University2
Temple University Libraries2
University of New Hampshire2
University of Michigan Library2
Villanova University2
Case Western Reserve University3
UC San Diego3
The Ohio State University3
Amherst College3
New York University3
Tufts University3
University of Alberta Libraries3
University of Oxford3
Washington University3
West Virginia University3
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