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  • September 17, 2020
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Connection Info:

Samvera Slack #connect2020pc


Agenda Items

  1. Welcome

  2. Additions/changes to agenda

  3.  Guest Speaker - reached out to Torsten, awaiting response - he's out of office, expect to confirm meeting with us by end of week

  4. Resourcing/Teams updates
    1. Presentation/Technical Team David Schober
      1. met yesterday (Wed.) Jon Cameron IDing backup to have 2nd admin at IU. Backup will join weekly meetings. Scheduled test runs w/o SC. Developing short how-to doc. Helpers: emailed their list address, haven't heard back yet, will follow up as necessary. Think they have enough members for the team. Extra day has been added to the Zoom. Action item: need to ID MCs, not necessarily members of the tech team.
      2. (Tech team notes)
    2. Social Event Team Jeremy Friesen
      1. Social team met and Jim H's is chairing.  We're meeting weekly (on Wednesday).
      2. Our current working document with all current thoughts.
      3. Would like hour before & after presentations to be part of the conference so social events (we the Social Event team are framing these as community building events) get treated as part of the conference - desire to signal managers that they are part of the conference.
      4. Reframe as Community Events
      5. Will definitely want breakout rooms capability
      6. Events
        1. One will likely be w/ new community manager, both before and after presentations
        2. Women in Samvera, likely both before and after as well
        3. Others TBD
    3. Mentoring Program Nabeela Jaffer
      1. Will send email to team today.
      2. Need contact info or Slack info for Chris C.
      3. Setting up Doodle poll for group to meet
  5. Review and select Presentation - 25 Submissions
    1.  Select presentations by  
      Zenhub link
      Evaluation spreadsheet link
      1. Some can be lightning or poster, possibly part of plenary (Avalon update)
      2. Sign of growth that we can be selective
      3. Using threshold of 3.5 instead of 3.6 gets us to 20, which is the expanded number of slots.
      4. Offer either poster or lightning talk to those that didn't make the cut for full presentation.
      5. What about attrition? Hold off on declining any for now until we hear back. See current Threshold column, which should be set at 3.5.
      6. Action item: Richard notify accepted presentations
      7. Action item: Brian will clarify Jon's Avalon presentation, ask if it can be a plenary update + lightning demo
      8. Action item: Kevin ask Samvera 101 to consider complementary poster and to rename talk.
    2. Timeslots...(3 lighting talks submitted, all due October 4th. 8 lightning talks (7min) in 2019 - 8 wg/ig (5min) updates in 2019)
      1. Adding a 4th day = 20 slots
      2. Scheduling: Samvera 101 should be scheduled early for the most utility
    3. IU Zoom Webinar license for  is available
      1. extra day has been added with same schedule
      2. Action item: Richard needs to notify community and update Sched, website/wiki with extra day and specific times (including Community events)
  6. CfP WG & IG updates

  7. Open discussion

Next meeting:

 08:00 AM PT, 9:00 AM MT, 10:00 AM CT,  11:00 AM ET, 16:00 UK

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