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What is Samvera Virtual Connect?

Samvera Virtual Connect (SVC) is an opportunity for Samvera Project participants to gather online to touch base on the progress of community efforts at a roughly halfway point between face-to-face Samvera Connect meetings. Samvera is a growing, active community with many initiatives taking place across interest groups, working groups, local and collaborative development projects, and other efforts, and it can be difficult for community members to keep up with all of this activity on a regular basis. SVC will give the community a chance to come together to catch up on developments, make new connections, and re-energize itself towards Samvera Connect in the fall.

Suggestions for an event such as this have come from a number of members of the community, and the idea was further discussed and refined at the Power Steering meeting in March 2016.

Samvera Virtual Connect Meetings

Resources for Organizers

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