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  • Samvera Tech Call 2020-06-24
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Meeting ID: 940 3021 4208

Time: 9:00am PDT / Noon EDT

Moderator: Jeremy Friesen

Notetaker: James R. Griffin III



  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present (moderator)

    1. folks outside North and South America

    2. Eastern timezone

    3. Central timezone

    4. Mountain timezone

    5. Pacific timezone

    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call

    7. Remind everyone to sign in on agenda.
    8. Welcome all newcomers!
  2. Agenda (moderator)
    1. Call for new agenda items (moderator)
    2. Supporting Rails Engine Development (James R. Griffin III)
      1. Should we continue to actively use
        1. This is very integral to the current development process of Hyrax.
        2. Can have docker image with a dummy app that wraps the engine cart generation
        3. Engine cart provides test of the app generation process
        4. Is there a path that would let us test the app generation
        5. We do need to vet the provenance of committers to Engine Cart
        6. EngineCart is a bit outdated in terms of its strategy; There is space for improvement but its not urgent
      2. Perhaps there are alternative approaches for developing and testing Rails Engines
        1. Rails Dummy App:
          1. There seem to be patterns for this
      3. Paths forward
        1. Bring EC into Samvera
        2. Come up with a different pattern for Engines
        3. Do nothing (aka pay attention to it)
      4. Action Item - bring this up for review in next Maintenance Sprint window (attn James R. Griffin III )
    3. Samvera-CircleCI-Orb release coming soon (Collin Brittle)
      1. 1.0.0! Backwards incompatible! Testing coming soon!
      2. There are deprecations coming!
    4. Brief update for planning group on Dev Congress (Anna Headley )
    5. Promoting Bixby (Bess Sadler )
      1. Action Item - James R. Griffin III will be working through this today
    6. Samvera help follow-up
    7. Pull request review
      1. - Stuck in an odd build state
  3. Moderator & notetaker for next time
    1. Moderator: 
    2. Notetaker: 
  4. After call, this week's notetaker should create the agenda for the next call:
    1. Open template agenda titled "Samvera Tech Call 2020-xx-xx"

    2. Click on ... in the top right corner, and select copy.
    3. Popup will open for location. It should contain: 
      1. Space: Samvera
      2. Parent page: 2020
    4. Select copy. New page should be created.
    5. Modify the title to remove "copy of", update it with the next date, add moderator, notetaker, and any carry-over agenda info. Click Publish.
  5. PR Review
    1. Review issues:
    2. PR review coordinator for next time: 


  • Rails Engine Development (James R. Griffin III)
    • Tom has been privately debating the role of engine_cart
      • Closest that Tom has come is to use a Docker build
      • engine_cart is replaced with a Docker image with a Rails dummy app
    • Keep in mind that engine_cart does test generators for CircleCI
      • Most Engine testing processes keep a pre-built dummy app in the repo, so the generators aren't repeatedly tested
    • Bess: If there is a path which lets us drop support for this, then in favor this
      • Advantages regarding licensing
    • Jeremy: engine_cart committers are nearly all from the Samvera Community
      • Licensing wouldn't likely be problematic
      • We do still need to vet the provenance for engine_cart
    • Tom:
      • Bring engine_cart into and put it under Component Maintenance
      • Develop a different pattern for developing Engines
      • Do nothing
      • Keep engine_cart under observation
    • Bess and Tom:
      • It's not a large pain point, immediate action isn't necessary
      • Tom hasn't found it to break quite that often
        • Maintenance work required would be the same required for a new solution
    • Resolution:
      • Do nothing but keep under observation
  • CircleCI Orb Release (Collin Brittle)
    • Collin Brittle has this ready for promotion from samvera-labs
    • Will e-mail samvera-tech
      • Need to notify users of deprecations
      • There will also be updates to the versions
  • Planning Group for the Dev. Congress (Anna Headley)
    • Three signed up for Dev. Congress following the post to the community mailing list
    • Wanted to enquire regarding any other interested parties
      • Ideally there would be four members
  • Promote Bixby

Samvera Help Follow Up

  • Array in a CSV, need these to arrange this as table of contents values
    • Tom: This is a complex case without a straightforward answer - baseline is that, there is no order for metadata attributes, and one cannot rely upon indexing to preserve the order of the values
    • Anna: Trey is trying to point someone to Hyrax Metadata Ordering Working Group
      • Are there other places where this topic has been discussed?
      • Tom: Finishing the Valkyrie work will provide Hyrax to persist ordered metadata attributes
        • No notion of addressing this within the active_fedora space
  • No technical solutions will be pursued, but those who reported this will be directed to documentation

Pull Requests on Hyrax

    • Do not know what to do to get the tests unstuck
      • Chris retriggered the build - CircleCI and GitHub notifications are having difficulties
      • Tom: It might just be a rebasing issue, and it may just be safe to merge this
    • Upgrade 2.x–stable branch to Rails 5.2 and ActiveFedora 12
      • Michigan is wanting to take over this PR and branch
      • Tom: Please!
    • Fixes user interface behavior where a proxy user is not rendered after a deletion
      • There are questions regarding the parsing of route strings at the controller level
      • Test needs to be adjusted, as it does not test the feature itself

Next Scheduled Call

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