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  • Samvera Tech Call 2019-02-20
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How to connect: (link will launch Zoom client – if you do not have Zoom, expand the instructions below)


Meeting ID: 613 720 745

+1 646 876 9923 (US Toll)
+1 669 900 6833 (US Toll)
+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
International numbers available:


Meeting ID: 613 720 745 (US West) (US East) (China) (India) (EMEA) (Australia) (Hong Kong) (Brazil) (Canada)


Time: 9:00am PDT / Noon EDT

Moderator:  Carolyn Cole

Notetaker: James R. Griffin III



  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present (moderator)

    1. folks outside North and South America

    2. Eastern timezone

    3. Central timezone

    4. Mountain timezone

    5. Pacific timezone

    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call

    7. Remind everyone to sign in on agenda.
    8. Welcome all newcomers!
  2. Agenda (moderator)
    1. Call for new agenda items (moderator)
    2. Promoting Valkyrie from Samvera-Labs (
    3. Documentation Working Group (Andrew Myers or LaRita Robinson)
    4. add agenda item here
  3. Moderator & notetaker for next time
    1. Moderator: Chris Colvard
    2. Notetaker: Thomas Scherz
  4. After call, this week's notetaker should create the agenda for the next call:
    1. Open template agenda titled "Samvera Tech Call 2019-xx-xx"

    2. Click on ... in the top right corner, and select copy.
    3. Popup will open for location. It should contain: 
      1. Space: Samvera
      2. Parent page: 2019
    4. Select copy. New page should be created.
    5. Modify the title to remove "copy of", update it with the next date, add moderator, notetaker, and any carry-over agenda info. Click Publish.
  5. PR Review
    1. Review issues:
    2. PR review coordinator for next time: 


Promoting Valkyrie from samvera-labs (Carolyn Cole)

  • Document provided by Carolyn Cole
  • Additional comments on the document are welcome
  • No further comments on the document on the call

Documentation WG (LaRita Robinson)

  • Andrew Myers and LaRita met yesterday
  • Looking for more members
  • Restructuring the site...content is not growing due to a lack of membership, but additional content is still needed
  • Agreed yesterday to push 1-2 issues each week
  • Created a project board for priority issues
  • Try to capture from members who might be knowledgeable, who might be able to fill holes in documentation
  • This week, focusing on workflows and mediated deposits
  • It was started but left incomplete, looking for volunteers who have experience working with this in Hyrax or Samvera apps
  • Go to issue, add comments, offer oneself as a person of contact
  • WG will create the actual content for the site
  • This will hopefully make it easier to create documentation for the site
  • Suggestions for the topics are welcome, create a GitHub issue or contact LaRita or Drew
  • Call for volunteers
  • Specific focus upon creating custom workflows
    • Document how this was successfully undertaken
  • Jim Coble
    • At Duke University, custom workflows were created
    • It was a minor change to a default workflow

Moderator for the Next Call: Chris Colvard

Notetaker for the Next Call: Thomas Scherz

Meeting was adjourned at 09:11EST/12:11 EST

Hyrax Pull Request Reviews


Pull Request 3548

  • Chromedriver was failing, this PR installs Google Chrome on CircleCI build containers in order to ensure that Chrome is always stable
  • It does ensure that we remain dependent upon Debian package releases for Chrome stable
  • It was merged

Pull Request 3541

  • Draft PR (new feature introduced by GitHub)
  • Merge icon is grey, otherwise not easily distinguishable from normal PRs
  • Could apply "in progress" label, but this would be unnecessary
  • Should we review them?  Or wait for them to become full PRs?
  • This already had a review
  • "in progress" labels would only be useful if Waffle is used for tracking issues
  • Chris commented requesting a rebase

Backport PRs for CircleCI

Pull Request 3546

  • Transaction becomes a no-op actor
  • Already merged into master, deals with the issue where if you hit an exception in the actor stack, it renders the system unusable
  • IDs would be rolled back (NOIDs), but Fedora wouldn't roll back its own resource
  • NOID would be minted using a Fedora ID for a Fedora resource which already existed
  • This would result in a LDP Conflict
  • This PR ensures that the conflicts are handled and resolved
  • Tom Johnson will handle the CI build issues

Pull Request 3543

  • Alerts users of data loss when moving between tabs while editing Collection metadata
  • No tests are present in the PR
  • This behavior may already be there for certain cases, but not for all cases
  • Tom Johnson commented only 15 hours before this call

Pull Request 3545

  • This is another backport
  • This should require a rebase

Pull Request 3544

  • (This is the same case as 3545)

Pull Request 3468

  • This has not had any activity since last week
  • It was marked as stale, Chris and Tom discussed this last week
  • Tom just needs to come back and introduce additional commits

Pull Request 3489

  • This has had no activity since last week
  • Invite someone from the analytics sprint to perform a review

Pull Request 3472

  • This is going to be abandoned in favor of a PR being introduced by Tom Johnson

Pull Request 3431

  • Chris and Tom discussed this last week
  • Backports support for dealing with transactional request in Noid/Fedora conflict resolution (addressing the same problem as 3546)
  • Lynette Rayle provided a different solution, which set up validation for identifiers
    • Having Noid::Rails check to see if the ID is already in use, and then know to generate a new one
    • It does work and solves a larger problem
    • However, there are concerns about it introducing performance issues
    • Noid ID minting calls out to Fedora, potentially twice (to determine if it exists, two HEAD requests are issued)
    • Unnecessary overhead...and it is dealt with in backports
  • Tom suggested that this just be closed
    • Perhaps place this in the management guide rather than just the README
    • "If you're running into problems, and you need strict validation, you can follow this pattern"
  • Chris commented on the PR


  • Holdover from last Hyrax/Valkyrie sprint, still WIP

Review concluded at 09:36PST/12:36EST

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