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Scope & Objectives

The Samvera Metadata Interest Group (SMIG) is interested in working together on base metadata recommendations for the Samvera Community. The scope of this group concentrates primarily on metadata as it relates to Samvera projects such as Hyrax, Avalon, Hyku, and migration to Fedora 4. Types of metadata for which the group has or intends to create recommendations include technical, structural, descriptive, and rights metadata.

The larger goals of the Metadata Interest Group are to:

  • Identify models that may help Samvera newcomers
  • Further interoperability among Samvera projects
  • Provide support for the community and a place to ask metadata questions in Samvera
  • Provide ways to share metadata work (in progress or complete)
  • Collect documentation in order to more broadly facilitate shared modeling
  • Develop and charge working groups for Samvera community metadata activities

This interest group is not creating a new standard or implying any metadata constraints for Samvera projects.

Scope & Objectives and meeting frequency will be reviewed annually (around the time of Samvera Connect).

Sunset milestone: No meeting occurs for 6 months (at that point there will clearly be no interest in this interest group)


Membership is open to anyone. If you want to be listed as a member, please add your name to the list below. Members agree that by participating all documents produced as part of the working group will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Updates to Community

Updates and announcements will be sent to samvera-communitysamvera-tech, samvera-metadataislandora, and fedora-community lists.

Metadata IG

Time: 4th Tuesday of every month, 3-4pm Eastern.  Call duration: 1 hour

Call-In Info:

Subgroups may have additional working meeting calls. Outcomes and questions will be discussed at the Metadata Interest Group meeting calls and then updates sent to the lists.

Active Work

URI Selection Working Group

Time: First meeting Friday, April 14 (9am PDT)

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025

Controlled Vocabularies Decision Tree Working Group

Time: First meeting Tuesday, February 18, 2020 (1pm Eastern); Regular meetings every 2 weeks starting Tuesday, March 3, 3-4pm Eastern; Regular meeting updated to every 2 weeks on Wednesdays starting Wednesday, April 29, 4-5pm Eastern

Connection Info: Zoom -

Slack: #cv-decision-tree

Hyrax v3.0 Metadata Application Profile Documentation Review Working Group

Time:  Kickoff meeting Thursday, March 5 (10am EST) via Google Hangouts:

            Regular meetings every 2 weeks starting Wednesday, March 25, 9-10am Eastern

Connection InfoGoogle Hangouts

Slack: #map-documentation-review

Descriptive Metadata Working Group

Time: started 2015/05/13, currently on pause; MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup, currently on pause


Affiliated: Geo Predicates Working Group

Completed Work

Applied Linked Data Working Group

**Work Completed***

Hyrax Metadata Ordering Working Group

**Work Completed***

URI Management Working Group

**Work Completed***

Rights Metadata Working Group

**Work Completed***

Subgroup may be reconvened if additional rights metadata questions come to the Metadata WG.

Segment of a File Structural Metadata Working Group

***Work Completed***

Subgroup may be reconvened if additional outcomes are required from the Metadata WG.

Technical Metadata Working Group

**Work Completed*** 

Subgroup may be reconvened if additional outcomes are required from the Metadata WG.

Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Specification Working Group

**Work Completed**

Working Groups - Deliverables & Timeframe

First phase deliverables are marked for concurrent work. See specific working group pages for timelines.  Phase 1 completed by Sufia PCDM May sprint (2015). Phase 2 completed by Hydra Connect 2015. A full report will be given at HydraConnect 2015. 

Phase 1 is complete. Currently working on Phase 2 for Descriptive Metadata, Applied Linked Data, and URI Management. A report was given at HydraConnect 2016.


Additional Resources may be available on working group pages:

Meeting Notes

Previous Work

Metadata IG Requests and Priorities

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