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  • Samvera Infrastructure Working Group Charter
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  1. Unconference Session at Samvera Connect 2019

Scope & Objectives

  1. There is much duplication when it comes to Docker containers for certain infrastructure/services
  2. Primary Elements
    1. Deployment
    2. Runtime
    3. Dev. Practices
    4. Monitoring
    5. Observability
    6. Metrics
  3. Topics for Inclusion
    1. Anything that is required for the application to run in a particular environment
    2. Everything from environment variables, documentation, containers, CI scripts...
    3. Anything in the deployment and runtime environment
    4. Much larger in scope than application
  4. Gentle recommendations regarding software development best practices?
    1. A series of guardrails and referencing what those might be


Deliverables & Timeframe


  1. First Order
    1. DockerHub Organization for Samvera
    2. Dockerfiles for major stack components
      1. Fedora Commons 4.x
      2. Apache Solr 7.x & Solr 8.x
      3. Other components?
    3. Example docker-compose structure for the full stack (to remove reliance on solr_wrapper and fcrepo_wrapper for both dev and test)
    4. Vagrant image, ansible, or other full-stack example
  2. Aspirational
    1. Helm charts or guidance around other orchestration tools (e.g., Kubernetes)
    2. Other infrastructure-as-code templates/manifests/playbooks/examples (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Amazon CloudFormation)
    3. Guidelines for integrating and debugging Hyrax with Monitoring and Observability best practices

Time frame

The Samvera Infrastructure working group will begin its work in January 2020 and deliver a wrap-up report (with the goal of extending the work into a second cycle) at Samvera Connect 2020.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Blue Jeans (copy meeting info from one of the call Agenda/Notes pages)

  • Slack - #infrastrucutre-wg


  • Michael B. Klein (facilitator) – Northwestern University Libraries / Michael B. Klein / michael dot klein at
  • Aaron Collier (co-facilitator) - Stanford Libraries / Aaron Collier / aaron dot collier at stanford dot edu
  • Ryan Ordway – Oregon State University Libraries / Ryan Ordway/ rordway at oregonstate dot edu
  • Brian McBride - University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library / Brian McBride / brian dot mcbride at utah dot edu
  • Phuong Dinh - Indiana University Libraries / Phuong Dinh / pdinh at iu dot edu


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