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The Samvera Community Helpers is a group of volunteers who are committed to providing help to others within the Samvera Community whether arising from the Anti-Harassment Policy or responding to general help requests.

Becoming a Helper

We welcome community members to add their names to the list! Once you sign up, also send email to to request being added to the helpers list and the helpers Slack channel.

List of Helpers

  1. Bess Sadler, Notch8 (, bess on GitHub, Freenode and Samvera slack, @eosadler on Twitter)
  2. Michael B. Klein, Northwestern University (, mbklein on GitHub, Twitter, Slack)
  3. Chris Awre, University of Hull (, clawre on GitHub and Twitter
  4. Rosalyn Metz, Emory (, rosy1280 on GitHub, @rosy1280 on Twitter)
  5. Hannah Frost, Stanford (, hannahfrost on GitHub, @feefifofannah on Twitter, @hannah on Samvera Slack)
  6. Jeremy Friesen, University of Notre Dame (, jeremyf on Github, jeremyfriesen on Slack)
  7. Lynette Rayle, Cornell University (, elrayle on Github and Slack)
  8. Brian McBride, University of Utah (, brianmcbride on Github and Slack)
  9. Simeon Warner, Cornell University (, zimeon on Github and Slack)
  10. Your name here!


Richard Green (Samvera Operations Adviser) is also set as an owner of the helpers list, but his subscription is set to "no email." That said, he may read messages sent to the list at his discretion.

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