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Draft Scope & Objectives

We share approaches, work-in-progress, and finished code aimed at using external linked data in our applications. We coordinate development efforts where possible.

Current and past focal points of discussion / activity:

  • Linked Data Fragments server (ActiveTriples/ldf)
    • caching to allow for high availability URI resolution
      • configuration
      • expiration
    • querying to allow for data mirrors or remote downtime stop-gap strategies
  • Questioning Authority (projecthydra/questioning_authority)
    • querying linked data endpoints
    • integration with LDF (curationexperts/qa-ldf)
  • Indexing - keeping index updated in conjunction with ldf cache
  • Navigation / Cataloger UI - providing context above and beyond autocomplete
  • Linked data predicate range issues
  • Recommendations on which Linked Data vocabularies to use that should remain around.

Out of scope:

  • Long term preservation of Linked Data.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Time: Third Wednesday each month at 12:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern. Next Meeting October 18, 2017.

Call-In Info: Current meeting hangout link:

Backup conference line if the hangout isn't working: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009).

Updates and announcements will be sent to hydra-communityhydra-tech, and islandora lists.



Meeting Notes


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