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  • Previous MODS to RDF mappings reflection and feedback
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This page is for institutions to upload a document stating issues or questions with our previous mappings that we may want to revisit. There may indeed be improvements since we started this procedure or one's own research may have discovered a better approach. The current collaboration documents are:

  1. MODS title (two tabs)
  2. MODS name (two tabs)
  3. MODS typeOfResource
  4. MODS genre
  5. MODS originInfo (three tabs)
  6. MODS language
  7. MODS physicalDescription
  8. MODS abstract
  9. MODS tableOfContents
  10. MODS targetAudience (only BPL and UNC-CH mapped this)
  11. MODS note (two options planned to be supported)
  12. MODS subject
  13. MODS classification (only BPL and Columbia mapped this)
  14. MODS identifier
  15. MODS physicalLocation
  16. MODS accessCondition
  17. MODS recordInfo
  18. MODS series and collections

Document Links (github, excel, word, PDF, etc)





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