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Subject:  Coming to Hydra Connect #2?  We need a poster from you!


If you're coming to Hydra Connect #2, please read on carefully.  Planning to come but not booked yet?  We're running very, very low on tickets so booking is getting urgent - full details on the wiki at Hydra Connect 2 - Fall 2014!

As at the first Hydra Connect meeting, we are devoting more than two hours of Connect #2 to a "poster show and tell" slot.  In San Diego this proved to be a highly successful session and we were urged to repeat it.  The event is an "open room format":  each contributor is given a poster display space and table around the outside of a large room.  Attendees are encouraged to circulate and to discuss the work represented in each poster with the author(s).  We encourage authors to time-share with a colleague where possible so that everyone gets the chance to circulate.  At this meeting, for the first time, we are starting the session with a "minute madness" presentation during which each poster team will have 60 seconds to tell everyone else why their poster is a "must-see-and-discuss"!

We are asking all institutions represented at Hydra Connect to create a poster (or more) about any significant Hydra-related work they are doing (or planning) and to arrive in Cleveland prepared to talk about it in the poster show and tell.  We have a small number of display monitors available if any teams need them to supplement their poster with a demonstration (first come, first served).  We know how awkward it can be to bring posters on a plane so our hosts, Case Western Reserve University, have generously promised to make life easier for you.  We encourage you, not to bring a poster, but to email it for printing locally free of charge (yes, free!).

Posters should be sent either in PowerPoint or PDF format. They should be at either half scale or full scale to prevent issues with images when scaling. The maximum size is 40"x60" (101x152cm) in either landscape or portrait orientation. Anything smaller that that can be printed.  The posters will be printed on paper and then mounted on rigid foam-core.

Posters for printing should be sent to on or before Monday 22nd September to guarantee printing.  Files will be accepted up to Friday 26th but without the guarantee.  Should you have difficulty sending your file, please contact Patrick directly.


Please help make this session the success it was at Hydra Connect #1!

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