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Planning for

Since we'll only have 50 minutes, I hope we can prep here by collecting gems and particular areas therein which are begging for documentation. We can also use this page to help organize pairs.


Link to candidate gem / area therein (feel free to add additional notes)I know something about this gemI know little / nothing about this gem

contents of lib/hydra/works/models/concerns

Colin Gross (documentation improvement suggestions)Michael J. Giarlo 
active fedora associations - maybe more of a guide than an inline documentation - example use cases, how do they fit with / differ from activerecord analogies, where is the fit uncomfortable with rdf.  
active fedora - indexing. clarify difference in function / use of IndexingService and RDF::IndexingService. comb through other indexing-related modules. method-level comments are good but it's hard to tell how things fit together.  
Blacklight search builder behavior – understanding how Solr cache and interface presentation layer interact (around /lib/blacklight/solr/search_builder_behavior in particular)  




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