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A number of approaches to social events have been tried over the years with varying success.  Early conferences offered an evening buffet - either included in the registration fee or as an additional option: these events enjoyed mixed success and the idea was eventually dropped - largely due to the sharply rising costs.

Early Connect conferences featured a beer bus but, again, the idea was dropped - this time not only for cost reasons but also because it essentially excluded those who didn't drink beer (or alcohol).

In more recent times, the following approaches have been successful:

Sign-up dinners

Sign up lists have been made available on the wiki to encourage groups to form for dinners.  The groups have sometimes had a theme, eg women in Samvera, and sometimes have been more ad-hoc - say, just inviting newcomers to join some more established members of the Community for a meal rather than spend an evening alone.  In addition - but usually without a list - more formal groups, for instance members of a Working Group, may arrange evening get-togethers.

Local restaurants and bars

Local hosts have produced a list on the wiki of local restaurants and bars that come with their recommendation - often with some relative idea of costs. Local hosts should take into consideration ensuring all dietary concerns are addressed when putting together a list of restaurants and bars. 

Local attractions

Not so much a social event, but a list of things to do and see around the conference venue is a useful service to delegates.

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