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  • OR12 Edinburgh - Hydra Partners coordination
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This page is for Hydra Partners to track what colleagues are proposing to do at OR12 in order to inform coordination.  It is a closed page not accessible by the public.  Please add ideas and plans into the appropriate sections.


  • Overview of Hydra for managers (1 hour) - All
  • Install-fest for developers (2 hours) - All

Fedora track

  • 1 hour panel / preso / Pecha Kucha block on the HydraSphere.


  • Semi-permanent, manned exhibition stand demonstrating Hydra heads.

Poster session

  • A coordinated Hydra corner showcasing all the production heads - All?

Who's Going?

Stanford: Tom, Naomi, Jessie, Michael Klein
Hull: Richard, Chris, Simon
UVa: Robin, Adam
MediaShelf: Matt, Eddie
Northwestern: Mike Stro., Claire
Indiana: Jon Dunn, other?
Notre Dame: Rick
DuraSpace: Jonathan (et al.)

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