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  • Metadata Call 2016-04-06
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Time: 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Julie Hardesty (Indiana University) 
James R. Griffin III (Lafayette College Libraries)


  1. Subgroup reports
    1. Descriptive Working Group
      -UCSD/UCSB data modeling project, specific usage questions available at: 
    2. MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup
      1. Please see the Etherpad Notes:
    3. Applied Linked Data Working Group
      1. Please see the Etherpad Notes:
    4. Segment of a File Working Group
  2. Issues/Questions
  3. Review Metadata IG Requests and Priorities
  4. Additional Items
    1. URI Management Working Group charter development
    2. Project Hydra metadata slack channel (instructions on joining Hydra Slack here:  Get in touch!#Slack)
  5. Action Items



Subgroup Reports

Descriptive Working Group

In response to limited attendance, meetings shall be held monthly
Next meeting is scheduled for 01:00PM EST on 04/13/16
Topics to be addressed include the UCSD/UCDB data modeling project

MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup

(Steven Anderson was not in attendance on the call)
Notes from the most recent call were transcribed at:
Subject entities within MODS are being addressed
No decisions shall be made
This shall likely consume more than a single additional meeting
The conversation is still focused upon how people are thinking about encoding subject entities
Different subjects specified include: names, topics, and geolocations

Applied Linked Data Working Group

(Steven Anderson was not in attendance)
(Link to the etherpad notes)
Notes from the most recent call were transcribed at:

Segment of a File Working Group

The recommendation is no longer in draft form: Referring to segments of a file - Recommendation
Hence, the group's work is finished for now
As a consequence, this WG shall no longer be addressed in reports for HMIG calls

Issues/Questions for Subgroup Reports

(Issues or questions regarding the subgroup reports)

Metadata IG Requests and Priorities

No changes have been made to the Page  Metadata IG Requests and Priorities
More grouping of relevant requests on the page...related to managing URI's are grouped together

URI Management Working Group charter development

A call was issued on the Project Hydra listserve
The URI Management Working Group requires that a charter be drafted
This shall require a scope, objectives, and deliverables

There was a discussion at LDCX relating to what the library technology community can do for supporting a vocabulary manager
The following use cases were identified:
  • Individual properties should be exposed in vocabularies published to the web
  • XML schemata for vocabularies exist which should be transformed into RDF
  • Institutions have local vocabularies
    • Would like to publish these for consumption within Library Technology and Project Hydra communities
Karen Estlund (of the Hydra Power Steering Group) has approval to begin a WG for a community hosted solution addressing these use cases
She is primarily addressing a business plan for this system
The URI Management WG would develop the functional requirements for this system
(A request was issued to those attending the call to participate in the drafting of the charter)
An additional call shall be required in order to address the drafting of the charter itself
It was proposed that, in order to garner further support for this new WG, that parties specified within Metadata IG Requests and Priorities be contacted
e. g. Contacting stakeholder(s) within WGBH for the case of transforming FITS XML to RDF
Hardesty is in contact with Drew Meyers (through collaboration at IU on HydraDAM2)
Mike Giarlo may have been involved in an exchange with a party who expressed interest (using a GitHub issue)
There will be an official call for interest on the mailing list for this WG
Estlund wouldn't be able to join the meetings, but can collaborate upon the charter
Hardesty aims to have the WG meeting addressing the charter before the next HMIG call
Thus, the charter will be shared with HMIG call attendees for general review

Action Items

  • Contacting WGBH and other parties for particular requests relevant to the URI Mgmt. WG
  • Scheduling the WG meeting for the drafting of the charter

#metadata Channel on the Project Hydra Slack ( Get in touch!#Slack)

Created by Rissmeyer on 04/01/16
Tom Cramer suggested that news of the channel's creation be posted to the Project Hydra mailing list

Next Meeting

The next Hydra Metadata Interest Group Call is scheduled for 10:00AM PST/01:00PM EST on 04/20/16
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