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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-08-06
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Jeremy Friesen LaRita Robinson Julie Rudder Kevin Musiorski Collin Brittle Jon Cameron Maria Whitaker


  1. Roll call
  2. Call for additional agenda items
    1. IU's use case related to their Lease concept - a one time temporary access; not "we have this for the next 3 years and then it is inaccessible"
      1. Maria Whitaker - the online way of "lending out" an item; In Avalon this person has this kind of access to this item from "this date to this date"
        1. The use case of IU is more granular than the existing Lease, which is as of today until the given day, things are visible
        2. Avalon's use case models "lending out an item"; Used for outside researchers; This does not require management to go back and rescind access. This feature is only for viewing, and not any other function.
        3. Expanded and clarify row 90 in the Permission Matrix - grant Time-Limited View Access
          1. Do we have a requirement to expand time-limited access to more permissive access (e.g. student worker for the semester)
    2. Unpublished / Published for IU
      1. Does the embargo feature mirror this?
      2. IU sets up everything related to the item (permissions, etc), yet nothing is externally visible, until IU changes the status to published
        1. This is related only to viewers - someone explicitly assigned viewership that, until published, viewership does not allow them to view the object
        2. This is a common feature of IU, Notre Dame, Emory
    3. Drawing attention to Repo Admin can not find and attach child works they do not own, verified that this use case works as we want it in the matrix
  3. Review previous action items
    1. 2018-07-23
  4. Establish next steps and action items
    1. Goal is to schedule a community webinar and solicit overall feedback. What steps do we need to take to get there?

Action Items

Jeremy Friesen  and LaRita Robinson will work on the webinar details; Reaching back to the group by 2018-08-20 with details on the webinar

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