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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-07-09
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Jeremy Friesen LaRita Robinson Jon Cameron Maria Whitaker Kevin Musiorski Emily Porter Julie Rudder


  1. Roll call
  2. Call for additional agenda items
  3. Review previous action items
    1. 2018-06-15 Meeting
      1. Ownership
        1. Opened the can of worms that is the owner of a work
        2. The concept of owner does not translate well to digital collections; The actions in the matrix for owner are well represented in the other roles we've already designated
        3. See ongoing document -
        4. What are the implications for changing ownership
        5. Talked about a couple of metadata fields that are not related to permissions - eg. who deposited this, primary contact for enquiries, faculty or supervisor, creator of original content
        6. Proposal is that the concept of ownership goes away
        7. The Art Institute use case presented by Kevin Musiorski further strengthens the idea that the "owner" concept should have a better qualifier and be subsumed by more specific metadata; Manager assigns permissions, owner is a metadata
      2. Reviewing bulk actions
        1. Document concerning Batch and submitting jobs
      3. Discussion about the need for attribute level permissions
        1. Expose a means to configure what type of metadata an attribute is; then expose who can see what types of metadata
      4. The use cases are not commitments to deliver on those use cases
        1. Move the use cases that are not in Hyrax into the Permission Matrix
  4. Establish next steps and action items

Action Items

  1. Jeremy Friesen will be presenting updates at Samvera Virtual Connect
  2. LaRita Robinson  will add lines to the Permission Matrix reflecting actions on groups (eg. update a group); Verify that those lines are reflected in the Coordinated Permissioning Use Cases document.
  3. Kevin Musiorski will review the IP-Authenticated User comment in cell J3; Then verify understanding with LaRita Robinson
  4. Emily Porter will create a wiki page that includes design considerations that are surfacing in Slack - Design Objectives
  5. Emily Porter will follow-up with Batch and Submitting jobs document and then LaRita Robinson will move this into the Permission Matrix
  6. All of us should review the objectives and add additional ones
  7. Emily Porter and Maria Whitaker will close the loop on the use case(s) of non-HTML formats through the Coordinated Permissioning Use Cases document and notify LaRita Robinson to update the Permission Matrix.
  8. LaRita Robinson will move the import/export use cases into the Permission Matrix working with Maria Whitaker
  9. Jeremy Friesen will create our next meeting and send invitations
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