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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-06-01
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Attendees: Maria WhitakerEmily PorterLaRita RobinsonJeremy FriesenJennifer SmithCollin Brittle


  1. Roll call
  2. Call for additional agenda items
  3. Review previous action items
    1. 2018-05-18 Meeting
  4. Reviewing Coordinated Permissioning Use Cases and Permission Matrix spreadsheets, with a focus on preparing the information for community sharing.
    1. We want to reiterate that the most important thing is for the community to identify are the actions granular enough. And to raise any questions or seek clarification.
  5. Establish next steps and action items

Action Items:

  1. Jeremy Friesen will schedule the 2018-06-15 Meeting
  2. Emily Porter will review the Coordinated Permissioning Use Cases for the blank or highlighted use cases, as well as review the Permission Matrix, and follow-up with LaRita Robinson.
  3. Jeremy Friesen will write up the request for feedback on the Permission Matrix and Coordinated Permissioning Use Cases by end of day June 4th. An aspirational goal is that each team member will review the document and we send it forward to the larger Samvera Community by end of day June 8th (attention Julie Rudder).
  4. LaRita Robinson will ping Noah Botimer to confirm the Permission Matrix is adequate.
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