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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-03-02
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Attendees: Jeremy FriesenLaRita RobinsonNoah BotimerEmily PorterJon CameronJennifer SmithCollin BrittleMaria WhitakerJulie Rudder


  1. Roll call
  2. Call for additional agenda items
  3. Review prior action items from 2018-02-16 meeting
    1. spreadsheet link:
    2. Team members completed their action items
    3. WGBH added entries
    4. Encourage pruning and de-dupping before we send this out for further input
    5. Consideration for Hyrax collections vs. Avalon collections
    6. Discussion about playlists and "non-standard entities", how to add permissions on these. How do might we map playlists to a collection type?
    7. Are we constraining this work to Hyrax and only Hyrax?
      1. The examples are the realities of the interested institutions, we don't want to limit scope to Hyrax out of the box
      2. Desire to explore how close are playlists to collections?
      3. Document things that are in and out of Hyrax, there may not be a GUI solution that we can find
      4. Fulcrum project (Michigan) requires concepts of publishers within which there are permissions, then monographs, then assets (different rules and roles within different levels)
      5. Decision: We are not constraining our use cases to what is in Hyrax; will account for Avalon
  4. Discuss next steps and agree on next steps
    1. As part of de-duping, we want to normalize the "Who is taking the action" and give a brief description about the named who
    2. Emory is requesting more time to enter data (looking towards end of March)

Action Items:

  1. Team members fill out the spreadsheet noting what's not in Hyrax proper
    1. Previously we had said "please limit to one institution doing data entry and pass the baton when you are done", we are now opening up for entries from all members
    2. We will keep the internal window open until Emory has a chance to enter (they are in talks with stakeholders right now)
  2. Avalon representative, "non-standard entities", and Collections extension savvy representative meet to attempt to map playlists to collection type?
    1. Maria Whitaker will schedule for week of 2018-03-05 with LaRita RobinsonEmily Porter (Optional), Noah BotimerJon CameronJennifer Smith (Optional)
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