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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-02-16
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Attendees: Jeremy FriesenLaRita RobinsonJulie RudderNoah BotimerEmily PorterJon Cameron


  1. Roll call
  2. Call for additional agenda items
  3. Review prior action items from 2018-02-02 meeting
    1. Delivered and completed
  4. Discuss Use Cases
    1. Everyone approached differently
    2. There are gaps around the fuzyness around AdminSet manager versus Collection Set manager
    3. There are a couple of different stories related to managing group membership through a UI
    4. Discuss different formats, the pluses and minuses
      1. UNC - talked through specific uses cases, thinking through the lenses of Hyrax; Simple yet centers the usage
      2. Emory - really liked the scannability of the spreadsheet (additional user stories); gives a quick context
      3. We like the spreadsheet format and the why column
    5. User Perspectives
      1. These are the top-level items on the UNC document
  5. Create and assign action items
    1. Possible consolidation of use cases
      1. Create a spreadsheet to capture use cases
        1. One tab to list the Use Case: "who column", "what can they do", "why do they need it", "notes for <Institution>", "who put this here", "Current State in Hyrax" (works in current, clunky, not working)
        2. One tab to list the Type of User (eg. "user perspectives"): "persona name" and "description"
        3. Ideal goal is a matrix of what we get out of the box in Hyrax
    2. Schedule next meeting

Action Items

  1. Jeremy Friesen and LaRita Robinson will create the spreadsheet template, then document the expected tables/columns.
    1. Finish document by beginning of day 2018-2-21
    2. Notify Julie Rudder (UNC) to begin work on use cases
    3. Notify channel that spreadsheet is complete (with documentation)
    4. Others can consider
  2. Once the template is complete Julie Rudder will complete the first pass by 2018-2-26.
    1. When complete, notify Jon Cameron that IU can begin filling out the next round; There is no immediate due date
    2. Notify channel that first entries of UNC are complete
  3. Jeremy Friesen will schedule our next meeting for 2018-3-2.
    1. This meeting will touch base on the use cases and document, and establish next steps
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