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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-02-02
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Attendees: Jeremy FriesenLaRita Robinson, Collin Brittle, Julie Rudder, Emily PorterJennifer Smith, Maria WhitakerJon CameronNoah Botimer

Action Items


1) Introduce ourselves

  • Maria & Jon - Avalon rewriting onto Hyrax

  • Jeremy & LaRita - Notre Dame migrating to Hyrax

  • Julie & Jennifer - UNC Migrating large existing custom fedora to Hyrax; by Summer 2018

  • Jennifer - UNC application developer

  • Collin & Emily - Emory has an ETD application running Hyrax; Working towards a suite of applications for a digital library project

  • Noah - UMich has 20 some applications some of which are quite old; Lots of legacy cold; Have an authorization system maintained centrally and looking to decommission. Limited data model for permissions. Two production applications Fulcrum (CurationConcerns based) and Deep Blue Data repository.

2) Discuss your interest in this working group

  • How permissions work and how can these be extended

  • Interested in custom workflows and custom permissions with AdminSets

  • The workflows that Emory has is working but for the digital library project will require a more extensible

  • Migrating a suite of legacy applications into Hyrax; Several working groups gathering requirements. Identifying using profiles and permissions in a bottom-up approach.

  • Need to take advantage of workflow tasks; Want to have a consistent approach to our modeling application. Developed a policy-based approach that can be glued onto API with Sipity workflow.

  • Some similarities in the way Emory was working and Michigan

3) Determine our next deliverables and frequency of meetings (if we have standing meetings or schedule them as we draw to a close on our milestones)

4) Preferred discussion channels (e.g. should we make a Slack channel or rely on Google Groups)

  • Slack is our preferred communication channel #pawg

5) Assigning Wiki work

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