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So this is a "MODS-like" example with an incomplete mapping of their model to MODS. I've copied the text below for what was shared from them. The referenced attachment in this message can be seen at: D4_to_METS_map.xlsx.

So we don't have a mapping to MODS but we have our current data dictionary:

And then the revised data dictionary we're working on: 
This second one is still in development, and will be part of our migration to Fedora 4 later in the year.

I'm also attaching a draft DAMS to METS/MODS mapping that we worked on (but didn't completely finish because our use case disappeared), it could give some reverse engineered mappings between DAMS and MODS. To be clear, this is to our current data model which we are moving away from because of some complexities.

An additional small note for anyone who is looking at this in great details:

It's probably not relevant to the MODS discussions, but I just wanted to note that we haven't been updating the Google doc to keep current with the Hydra Metadata Working Group rights and technical metadata work.  But I was planning on doing that soon, as the recommendations are starting to be finalized.

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