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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2018-06-25
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Time: 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)


Moderator: Eben English

Notetaker: Emily Porter  (Etherpad:


Agenda (with notes)

  1. Feedback Form Responses
    2. Submitted question regarding if it's problematic to map both genre and physicalDescription/form to the same property. Group agreed to monitor this to see if we get other questions/concerns expressed about this, since we did make a deliberate choice to approach it this way.

  2. Email Responses
    2. We have received one email from Kirk Hess at the Library of Congress, who posed comments and questions regarding the following:
      1. Clarifying the nature of concerns about blank nodes in Fedora, as this relates to their work in BIBFRAME
        1. Group discussed this having been difficult to readily provide an answer for in past research. Julie thinks this is still an issue in that blank nodes get generated as an empty object. Julie also has some prior examples from an OR presentation in which she collected Fedora RDF outputs of MODS:genre.
      2. Recommending re-mapping any properties using bibo to alternatives, including opaque namespace
        1. Group will review and discuss this at the next meeting
      3. Consider proposing the following properties to be added to BIBFRAME: edition, issue, volume and possibly presentedAt (these are, at first review, all the properties we are using bibo for)
        1. Group will discuss this in more detail; need to consider how this would impact our simple/direct mapping option 

  3. Other/Misc:
    1. Team members sent emails to all target lists and groups except one - Julie is monitoring one group to see if it is active before joining in order to post.
    2. Eben resolved other comments suggested directly to the document
    3. Group discussed interest in submitting a presentation to Samvera Connect 2018 in order to close out our work. Eben, Julie and Emily expressed interest.
  4. Next meeting:
    1. Monday July 9th
    2. Group will discuss open action items and alternatives for bibo properties

Action Items

  • Research/verify blank nodes status in Fedora 4 to respond to LC (Julie and Eben)
  • Identify instances of bibo that may need to be replaced (Simon/Emily)
  • Investigate Bibo ontology status (Eben)
  • Follow up on Samvera Connect 2017 submission plans/session format (all)

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