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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2018-04-02
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Time: 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework:  White paper comments and Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up

Moderator: Eben English

Primary notetaker: Emily Porter (Etherpad link:


Agenda with meeting notes:

  1. Review final documentation
    1. White paper:
      1. Action items from last time:
        1. Outstanding & New
          1. Review all sections and be prepared to address any open comments from the document (all reviewers).
          2. Mapping issues
            1. opaque vs. modsrdf
              1. Property: digitalOrigin, extent, accessionNumber, accessionNumberFormer, barcode, nameOrder, recordOrigin, locationShelfLocator
              2. Class: archivalSeries, bibliographicSeries
                1. Samvera Vocab Manager isn't going to support Classes to start
                2. might need to look again for those classes
              3. BF - need to check RDF file since domain and range info on website might not actually reflect definition (recommendation but not necessarily required)
              4. Julie will double-check all opaque and modsrdf properties and classes - no modsrdf or madsrdf properties or classes; some suggestions for opaque properties and classes
            2. Monitor potential to mint predicates through Samvera URI WG (all)
              1.  form for submitting requests:
          3. Update namespaces table after mappings are all copied over (Emily)
            1. wait until opaque/modsrdf review complete since namespaces might be removed
          4.  Meeting notes for 1.a , 1.b and 1.c:
            1. Julie reviewed use of opaque namespace and noted that we have removed all instances of MODS RDF as well. 
            2. Discussed updating the WG charter names to indicate more recent organizations/members are included, using the recent email distribution list.
            3. A number of open comments were resolved.
            4. For consistency we will move poll history indications from comments into inline links in the document.
            5. Opted to use rdau for extent instead of opaque namespace (rdau allows for a literal).
            6. Looked some draft VRA accession number predicates found on the LOV resource, but they were unofficial. Also looked at a new bib frame subclass for accessionNumber, but that would only assist us with the minted object option so we opted to stick with a new minted predicate.
            7. For barcode type identifiers, we will stick with minting a new predicate vs. merging this into local identifier from LC Identifiers scheme, because our anticipated usage of "local" is already somewhat overloaded. 
            8. For record origin, group decided to use bibframe derivedFrom, which appears to accept a literal value. Group will modify the document and examples to reflect this.
            9. Also opted to remain with a new minted predicate for Bibliographic Series (vs. the purl ontology).
            10. Emily updated the namespaces table (MADS RDF was removed). Another review should be done to make sure we are using consistent prefixes.
          5. Style-related issues
            1. Update TOC to remove links to examples
            2. headings for elements consistent
            3. remove 'curly' quotation marks
            4. XML elements with long attribute value lists – spacing, indentation, etc.
              1. name - all of the different attributes included make text wrap and make it less readable

              2. Eben will look for style guide but we might just need to make sure we're consistent
            5. Consistency of "Direct Mapping" links, capitalization, etc.
            6. Meeting notes:
              1. Can do a find and replace to clean up curly vs straight quotes
              2. At next meeting, will revisit other style convention changes needed to make sure we do them consistently.
          6. Community Review
            1. email announcement:
            2. feedback form:
              1. Meeting notes - suggestions to the form:
                1. Adjust to a 3 point Likert scale, except for the "how likely are you to use this" section. For that, an even number (4) is recommended to prompt a more decisive response.
                2. Move the document structure and presentation questions to the end
                3. In the submission acknowledgement, invite people to comment directly on the document as well (include link) 
                4. Enable form submitters to edit their responses
            3. list of places to send - please add to this list - Final Documentation: Community Review
  2. New Action Items from 4/2
    1. Spot-check namespaces abbreviations used in documentation (Emily, all mappers)
    2. Update wiki and white paper to include recent participants (using the email contact list) and their organizations
    3. Add links to surveys/polls conducted inline in the white paper where available (Eben)
    4. Update recordOrigin mappings to use bibframe option (Eben)
    5. Review Series examples for complexity (all)
    6. Review style cleanup needs (all)
    7. Change curly to straight quotes (Julie)
    8. Delete extra example heading depths from Table of Contents in white paper (Julie)
  3. Next meeting:
    1. Monday April 16 is Patriots Day (BPL closed)

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