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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2018-03-05
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Time: 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework:  White paper comments and Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up

Moderator: Eben English

Primary notetaker: TBD (Etherpad link:


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Agenda with meeting notes:

  1. Review final documentation
    1. White paper:
      1. Action items from last time:
        1. Outstanding & New
          1. Review all sections and be prepared to address any open comments from the document (all reviewers)
            1. <mods:subject> could use a another set of eyes
          2. Mapping issues
            1. <mods:location>
              1. No true "direct" option for <mods:physicalLocation>
                1. bf:heldBy does not allow literal
                  1. Maybe OK, presumably orgs doing metadata in RDF will have a URI for themselves?
                2. Literal-friendly options:
                  1. modsrdf:locationPhysical
                  2. relator:own ("owner";
                  3. relator:rps ("repository";
                  4. rdau:P60402 (
                    1. (defined as "has custodian": "Relates a resource to an agent having legal custody of a resource.")
                  5. premis:hasContentLocationValue
            2. <mods:relatedItem>
              1. No true "direct" option for @type="host" representing physical collection
                1. dcterms:isPartOf does not allow literal
                2. dcterms:isPartOf also used by Hyrax for Admin Set membership
                3. Could use dbpedia-owl:collection for literal (
                4. Other possibilities for URI-friendly predicates
                  1. schema:isPartOf (
                  2. dbpedia-owl:isPartOf (
                  3. ore:isAggregatedBy (
            3. <mods:form> (part of <mods:physicalDescription>)
              1. Should we use edm:hasType instead of dcterms:format?
            4. <mods:subject>
              1. No true "direct" mapping for topical, name, and geographic subjects
              2. Could use dce:subject (topic, name) and dce:coverage (geographic)?
          3. Update namespaces table after mappings are all copied over (Emily)
          4. Document instances of prior polls and community feedback (e.g. identifiers) (all reviewers)
            1. title
            2. extent ( ???)
            3. identifier
            4. physical collection / digital collection / series (
            5. physical location / holding info (
          5. Monitor potential to mint predicates through Samvera URI WG (all)
          6. Style-related issues
            1. Update TOC to remove links to examples
            2. headings for elements consistent
            3. remove 'curly' quotation marks
            4. formatting for RDAU predicates – canonical URI (rdau:P60057) or lexical URI (rdau:preferredCitation.en)?
              1. lexical URIs more readable, but they don't resolve
            5. XML elements with long attribute value lists – spacing, indentation, etc.
          7. Review draft of email announcement and target reviewers/lists
  2. Next meeting:
    1. Monday March 19

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