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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2018-02-05
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Time: 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework:  White paper comments and Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up

Moderator: Eben English

Primary notetaker: Eben English (Etherpad link:


Agenda with meeting notes:

  1. Review final documentation
    1. White paper:
      1. Action items from last time:
        1. Outstanding & New
          1. Review all sections and be prepared to address any open comments from the document (all reviewers)
            1. <mods:subject> could use a another set of eyes
          2. Add cross reference from complex options to simple mapping or simple-to-complex, as needed (all reviewers)
          3. Mapping issues
            1. <mods:location>
              1. No true "direct" option for <mods:physicalLocation>
                1. bf:heldBy does not allow literal
                  1. Maybe OK, presumably orgs doing metadata in RDF will have a URI for themselves?
                2. Literal-friendly options:
                  1. modsrdf:locationPhysical
                  2. relator:own ("owner";
                  3. relator:rps ("repository";
                  4. rdau:P60402 (
                    1. (defined as "has custodian": "Relates a resource to an agent having legal custody of a resource.")
                  5. premis:hasContentLocationValue
            2. <mods:relatedItem>
              1. No true "direct" option for @type="host" representing physical collection
                1. dcterms:isPartOf does not allow literal
                2. dcterms:isPartOf also used by Hyrax for Admin Set membership
                3. Could use dbpedia-owl:collection for literal (
                4. Other possibilities for URI-friendly predicates
                  1. schema:isPartOf (
                  2. dbpedia-owl:isPartOf (
                  3. ore:isAggregatedBy (
            3. <mods:form> (part of <mods:physicalDescription>)
              1. Should we use edm:hasType instead of dcterms:format?
            4. <mods:subject>
              1. No true "direct" mapping for topical, name, and geographic subjects
              2. Could use dce:subject (topic, name) and dce:coverage (geographic)?
          4. Update namespaces table after mappings are all copied over (Emily)
          5. Add explanatory paragraphs for all applicable elements (all reviewers)
            1. title (complex)
            2. originInfo (complex)

            3. targetAudience (complex)

            4. note (complex)

            5. subject (complex)

            6. recordInfo (complex)

          6. Document instances of prior polls and community feedback (e.g. identifiers) (all reviewers)
            1. title
            2. extent
            3. identifier
            4. physical collection / digital collection / series (
          7. Monitor potential to mint predicates through Samvera URI WG (all)
          8. Style-related issues
            1. Update TOC to remove links to examples
            2. headings for elements consistent
            3. remove 'curly' quotation marks
            4. formatting for RDAU predicates – canonical URI (rdau:P60057) or lexical URI (rdau:preferredCitation.en)?
              1. lexical URIs more readable, but they don't resolve
            5. XML elements with long attribute value lists – spacing, indentation, etc.
          9. Review draft of email announcement and target reviewers/lists
        2. Completed:
          1. Complete remaining mappings documentation (location, relatedItem) DONE

          2. Add a back to TOC link consistently DONE

          3. Update names, subjects guidance and examples to use RWO URIs (Julie DONE, Simon) DONE

          4. Find guidance for RWO usage (Melanie) DONE

            1. MARC PROPOSAL NO. 2017-08
            2. Real World Objects (Coyle's InFormation)
          5. Resolve final prefix for DC elements and update applicable mappings - update use of dc11 to dce. (all reviewers)Julie DONE

          6. Update any use of "loc" prefix to become "relators:" or "identifiers:" (selected reviewers)Julie DONE

          7. Create a paragraph to clarify complex vs. simple options (Julie) DONE

          8. Move TOC to beginning of document (Emily) DONE

          9. Draft message for external reviewers (Eben) DONE, see draft

          10. Identify target external reviewers (Eben/next meeting facilitator) DONE, see draft

          11. Update representation (list of participating organizations) (Emily) DONE

  2. Next meeting:
    1. Monday February 19 is Presidents Day, BPL closed.
    2. Could still hold meeting, though Eben and Danny would likely not be in attendance.
    3. Otherwise meet Monday March 5

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