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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2017-10-16
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework:  White paper comments and Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up 

Moderator: Eben English

Primary NotetakerSimon O'Riordan (Etherpad link:



  1. Formatting for final documents
    1. Google Sheets, Excel docs, wiki pages, Github repo?
      1. Will postpone decision until stronger opinions emerge (and/or deadline approaches)
    2. White paper:
      1. Still needs to be finalized
      2. Links to final documents added once we have finished
      3. Postponing for now

  2. Collaboration Documents spreadsheet review and clean-up: - Items listed as "Draft" or "Draft; under review":
    1. relatedItem Other Use Cases (MODS Individual Mappings for Other Related Item Cases)
      1. Eben created mappings under "Combined examples" (
      2. Outstanding issues:
        1. Items from conferences (papers, posters, video, etc.)
          1. Use ebucore:eventName for simple mappings
          2. Use bibo:presentedAt for complex mappings
        2. Spreadsheet updated; mark this as "reviewed"

    2. name
      1. opaque:nameOrder
        1. Format for delimited string seems to have most support, how should it be formatted?
        2. Wait on this until next call.

    3. subject
      1. Temporal - temporal examples in lines 22-26. One approach: turn anything that CAN be turned into specific dates INTO those dates, formatted using EDM timespan. Maybe use dce:coverage to accept number values, then dcterms:temporal to accept strings (e.g., French Revolution). More discussion next call.
        1. Decision made:
          1. For temporal subjects that are non-numeric (French Revolution) or a mix of numeric and non-numeric (Velvet Revolution, 1989)
            1. Use dcterms:temporal with a minted subject for the full string value
            2. Minted subject should have bf:Temporal class
            3. Use schema:temporalCoverage for the numeric data components, value should be a strong formatted using EDTF
              1. **We discussed using dc:coverage for this, butdc:coverage is already used for coordinates/bounding boxes in spatial subjects, so it seems better to use schema:temporalCoverage here.
          2. For temporal subjects that are only numeric:
            1. Use schema:temporalCoverage for the numeric data components, value should be a strong formatted using EDTF
        2. Spreadsheet has been updated, mark this as "reviewed"

    4. recordInfo
      1. Homework: for those institutions that have these use cases, research alternate predicates for original/external record creation and change dates (distinct from Fedora activity)
      2. Decision made:
        1. Use bibframe:creationDate for record creation date
        2. Use bibframe:changeDate for record change date
      3. Spreadsheet updated, marked as "reviewed"

    5. Classes for minted objects
      1. Outstanding issues/questions:
        1. subjects: skos:Concept or madsrdf:Topic?
          1. Use skos:Concept
        2. bibliographic series: bibframelite:Series or opaque:bibliographicSeries?
          1. opaque:bibliographicSeries
  3. Next meeting: Monday 10/16, 12 PM EST
    1. Facilitator needed
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