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  • MODS and RDF Call 2017-09-18
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework:  White paper comments and Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up 

ModeratorJulie Hardesty

Primary Notetaker: Eben English (Etherpad link:



  1. White paper:
    1. Still needs to be finalized
    2. Links to final documents added once we have finished
    3. Formats for final documents?
      1. Should be part of the wiki rather than stand-alone items
      2. Google Sheets: not great for long term, ownership issues
      3. Excel sheets: could create from Google Sheets and upload to wiki
        1. Easiest option, but not super easy to edit later
      4. Wiki pages
        1. Would require a lot of work; tables don't work well in wiki
      5. Github repo
        1. Would also require a lot of work, but more easily editable/manageable down the road.

  2. Collaboration Documents spreadsheet review and clean-up: - Items listed as "Draft" or "Draft; under review":
    1. relatedItem (MODS Individual Mappings for Other Related Item Cases)
      1. Eben created mappings under "Combined examples"
      2. Use cases where item is piece of larger work (article in journal, book chapter, etc.)
        1. use rdau:P60101 ("is contained in")
        2. format info about parent as string, use whatever citation format preferred
        3. data describing object (page #s, article #, etc) can have own predicate
        4. volume/edition belong to the larger work, but could potentially add these predicates to simplify modeling if desired.
        5. For Advanced mapping, use same rdau:P60101 predicate, but mint a "parent object"
        6. Parent object can have whatever data needed (ISSN, volume, issue, publisher, etc.)
      3. Items from conferences (papers, posters, video, etc.)
        1. Event ontology has event:producedIn
          1. This ontology may not be being actively maintained
        2. EBUCore has ebucore:eventName (, though this is intended to have a domain of Event.
        3. BIBO has bibo:presentedAt; but this has non-literal range
        4. Semantic Web Conference Ontology has swc:relatedToEvent (, but this has non-literal range
        5. Might be better to add conference name as a creator or subject?
        6. Use MARC Relators term? "Sponsor"?
      4. Constituent parts
        1. use rdau:P60249 ("is container of")
        2. format info about constituent as a string, use whatever format desired
        3. For Advanced, use same predicate but create object to represent constituent object
      5. Eben will make some revisions; more discussions at next meeting.

    2. name
      1. opaque:nameOrder
        1. syntax in example (line 29) is not valid
        2. could use a delimited string, with URIs or names to store name order
        3. PCDM-style ordering with proxies is a possibility, but prefer to avoid adding this complexity
        4. vivo:rank discussed, but won't really work, since names are separate objects (same problem as affiliation), and we want to reuse names for multiple objects (creator may not have same rank for all associated works).
        5. Delimited string seems to have most support, how should it be formatted?

    3. subject
      1. Temporal - temporal examples in lines 22-26. One approach: turn anything that CAN be turned into specific dates INTO those dates, formatted using EDM timespan. Maybe use dce:coverage to accept number values, then dcterms temporal to accept strings (e.g., French Revolution). More discussion next call.

    4. recordInfo
      1. Homework: for those institutions that have these use cases, research alternate predicates for original/external record creation and change dates (distinct from Fedora activity)

    5. Classes for minted objects
      1. Still need to look at this one.
      2. Added to review spreadsheet
      3. Did we ever create a collaboration document for this? Can only find individual mappings.

  3. Next meeting: Monday 10/2, 12 PM EST
    1. Eben will facilitate.

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