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  • MODS and RDF Call 2017-05-15
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework: White paper comments and Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up 

Moderator: Julie Hardesty

Primary Notetaker: Eben English (Etherpad:



  1. Final documentation
    1. White paper -
      1. Some comments have been added to document; mostly that some topics need a bit more information
      2. Who will do editing? Emily or people who have commented?
    2. Julie will email Emily and see how she wants to proceed
    3. Conversion Code web app on hold until documentation final
    4. Collaboration Documents
      1. Title - Julie Hardesty
        1. Confirmed that subtitle should be integrated into main title string, don't use separate predicate
        2. Don't need a main title label without @lang qualifier
        3. In minted titles:
          1. Use DCE:title instead of skos:prefLabel?
          2. No, DCE:title has a domain of "item," and the minted title object is not an item
        4. Do we care about supplied titles?
          1. Yes, maintain this info
          2. Could be modeled according to bibliotek-o Titles Pattern?
          3. use ld4l:hasSourceStatus for this?
        5. remove hasModel from examples, we don't need this
      2. Name - Julie Hardesty
        1. Not discussed
      3. Type of Resource - Julie Hardesty
        1. Everything's good with this one
        2. Remove "Back to MODS XML" from documentation, we don't care about this
      4. Related Item - needs reviewer/decision about whether to offer recommendation or not
        1. Not discussed
      5. Location - Eben English
        1. Not discussed
      6. Record Info - Eben English
        1. Not discussed
      7. Classification - Danny Pucci
        1. predicate we were using (dbpedia-owl:classification) has a domain of "dbpedia-owl:Instrument" class
        2. Examples have been updated to use predicates from instead
      8. Note - Danny Pucci
        1. Examples have been edited slightly
        2. For minted notes, are we using skos:prefLabel or rdfs:Label for note text?
          1. BIBFRAME 2.0 examples use rdfs:Label
          2. People seem to want to follow this pattern (using rdfs:Label)
          3. We should use a standard pattern across minted object models
          4. Eben will do some research on this before we make a final decision
        3. Do we need to define a content standard for note types?
          1. General consensus no, but...
            1. Having so many examples creates assumption that these are the only acceptable note types
            2. We should have fewer examples or indicate source of note types
      9. Subject - Simon O'Riordan
        1. not discussed
      10. Identifier - Simon O'Riordan
        1. not discussed

  2. Next meeting: June 12 (skipping May 29 for Memorial Day holiday) at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST
    1. Eben will facilitate

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