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  • MODS and RDF Call 2017-05-01
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework: Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up (sign up as Reviewer)

Moderator:  Eben English

Primary Notetaker:   Julie Hardesty (Etherpad:



  1. Final documentation
    1. White paper
      1. filled in major sections, pulled from charter doc and work that has occurred; methodology of homework and collab docs; summarize people and institutions that have been involved
      2. still need links to final documentation/mappings
      3. highlights - indicate placeholder text and questions to answer
        1. send out whole thing for community feedback? YES
      4. Hyrax Metadata Profile discussion could also provide input
      5. Everyone - review and comment for next meeting, May 15
        1. everyone has edit capability but can also comment
    2. Status of Conversion Code web app (Eben)
      1. is back up
      2. can't upload XML document (returns error) so not usable yet
      3. code on Github hasn't been updated since June 2016
      4. elements mapped in code - title, abstract, genre, TOC, note, and subject
        1. later revisions to any of those elements not reflected yet
      5. not ready for primetime yet, probably won't be before documentation ready for review
      6. someone needs to take ownership but maybe better to have documentation finalized first
        1. might work to ask if Hydra community wants to create working group
        2. possibly only simple mappings (so local object creation doesn't happen) - but baseline functionality would be helpful as example for insitutions that need more complex mapping
        3. could also work as tool for migrating to Hyrax?
        4. this should wait until mapping/docs are more final
    3. Collaboration Documents
      1. clean-up status of spreadsheets
        1. lots of agreement to review documents
        2. Note - Danny agrees to review for next time
        3. Related Item - skipping for now
        4. Location - no one reviewing yet
        5. Part - not mapped
        6. Access Condition – Simon
          1. cleaned up namespaces but no questions
          2. updating status to Reviewed - prompt for others to take a look (2nd review)
          3. if namespace isn't being used, can it be removed? Yes
        7. Title - Julie Hardesty will review
        8. Name - Julie Hardesty will review
        9. Type of Resource - Julie Hardesty will review
        10. Genre – Eben - reviewed
          1. use of MARC genre terms - at time of doc, these weren't LD vocab; should conversion code attempt to map to something other vocab?
          2. MARC genre terms are now LD vocab so not a problem anymore
        11. Origin Info – Eben - reviewed
          1. BF frequency with string literal but BF 2.0 only accepts BF Frequency class object
          2. alternative to use - rdaregistry or modsrdf are options
          3. is BF 1.0 still usable? it is replaced by BF2.0 according to BF FAQ, so maybe BF1.0 is not an option any longer
          4. frequency is bibliographic-specific thing - modsrdf is also draft ontology; rdaregistry is a bit more robust and mature of all options and actually published
          5. BF edition in BF2.0 is based around classification scheme, not edition of work - editionStatement is for work and takes literal
        12. Language - Eben – reviewed
        13. Physical Description – Jennifer - reviewed
          1. note about supporting unit in MODS, decided to let this go and not map (later in MODS 3.5)
          2. just maps as literal
          3. potentially need new predicates for digitalOrigin and extent - probably need to pursue this with opaquenamespace but could also talk to Ryan Wick with URI Selection Working Group
          4. maybe get all documentation together with full list of predicates needed and then talk to URI Selection WG first to see if they have process yet
          5. new column in spreadsheet to note new predicates needed
        14. Abstract - Jennifer – reviewed
        15. TOC - Jennifer – reviewed
          1. if value is URI, does predicate need to be different? no, but app developer would have to know to detect for URI or text
        16. Target audience - Danny – reviewed
          1. wasn't finished when reviewed
          2. LOC source for values
          3. also want to have ability to create new terms for target audience if LOC vocab doesn't cover it - have to create new Class; added this to example
          4. few use cases for this element
          5. items with minted objects - check that we're using skos:prefLabel consistently
        17. Subject - assigned to Simon O'Riordan
        18. Record Info - assigned to Eben English
        19. saving rest for next meeting
      2. organization (single spreadsheet with tabs or multiple spreadsheets)
  2. MODS Individual Mappings for Other Related Item Cases
    1. Emory still discussing internally
    2. Indiana has no updates
    3. need better MODS examples for this; Emory added examples but they might be only ones with this need
    4. keep on agenda for next time
  3. <Add Other Topics Here>
  4. Next meeting: Monday May 15 at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST

    1. Julie Hardesty

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