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  • MODS and RDF Call 2017-01-09
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework Reminder: 

Moderator: Steven Anderson (Boston Public Library)

Primary Notetaker: Eben English (etherpad link:



  1. Conversion Code Update

    1. Nothing to report.

  2. Results of the Series and Collection voting.

    1. Spreadsheet:
    2. Respondents can see summary charts at: (doesn't show for others at the moment)
    3. 6 responses so far
      1. We will leave the survey open and try and solicit more responses
      2. Survey will stay out for another week, invite others to answer if you know of other institutions
    4. Question 1: predicate mappings
      1. 3 votes for option 2: combination of dcterms:partOf (physical collection reference), opaque:memberOfSeries (series reference), pcdm:memberOf (digital collection)
      2. 2 votes for option 1: use pcdm:memberOf as the primary predicate for both series and collection
      3. 1 vote for option 3: same as option 2 except that it uses bibframe:hasSeries over opaque:memberOfSeries
    5. Question 2 & 3: Series and Collection Names/Titles
      1. 3 votes for full title mappings used for <mods:titleInfo>
      2. Would allow minting title objects for more complex titles
      3. Nobody has voiced any use cases that would require advanced functionality (nonSort, parallel titles, etc.)
      4. Would keep handling of titles consistent with what we have previously discussed
      5. 2 votes for rdfs:label
      6. 2 votes for dcterms:title
      7. Most people voting for "full title mapping" indicated they would simply use dcterms:title
      8. 1 vote for skos:prefLabel with optional rdfs:label
    6. Question 4: Series class
      1. Class needed to allow more consistency of data, facilitate querying by object type
      2. 2 votes for bibframelite:Series
        1. SirsiDynix may be implementing bibframelite as part of their work with Zepheira
        2. fact that this class doesn't exist in Bibframe 2.0 is a concern
        3. we should use established classes when possible
        4. 3 different Series classes in bibframelite – which one should be used?
      3. 2 votes for opaque:Series
        1. How would this be modeled?
          1. Subclass of pcdm:Collection? pcdm:Object?
          2. could add closeMatch to bibframelite Series class
    7. Archival Series vs. Publication Series
      1. We should use different predicates and classes for each
      2. Publication Series
        1. Already existing predicates in Bibframe for this
        2. Most people said they would not have a need for a publication Series class
      3. Archival Series
        1. Use mappings as agreed upon from voting and discussion
        2. Steven will attempt to create collaboration document with mapping for each

  3. OCLC identifiers in our identifier mapping
    1. See collab document at:
    2. opaque:oclc could be used
    3. OCLC itself uses a local ontology which doesn't resolve (
    4. dbpedia:oclc should be used (

  4. Other Collaboration Document discussion
    1. No further comments at this time
    2. We will need more discussion about classes for minted objects (titles, names, etc.)

  5. Next meeting: Monday January 23rd at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST




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