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  • MODS and RDF Call 2016-09-19
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework Reminder: 

Moderator: Steven Anderson (Boston Public Library)

Primary Notetaker: TBA (etherpad link:



  1. Conversion Code Update

    1. No major updates

    2. Will have some updates by Hydra Connect, as Steven hopes to demo the app as part of the MODS-to-RDF session.

  2. Collaboration Documents Review Discussion

    1. No comments on any of the collaboration documents at this time.

  3. accessCondition Individual Institution Mappings

    1. BPL
      1. Attempt to follow guidelines from Hydra Rights Metadata Working Group ( Rights Metadata Recommendation)
      2. dc:rights for text string statements
      3. edm:rights for rights statement URIs (Creative Commons, etc.)
      4. may need to mint URIs for certain oft-used values, such as "Contact host institution for more information."
      5. dcterms:rightsHolder when rights holder can be identified
      6. mint rightsHolder object if no URI exists, use model from <mods:name>
    2. Emory
      1. Attempting to follow Europeana and DPLA guidelines
      2. Need to deal with embargoes, still working on this.
        1. Could potentially use pcdmrts:rightsOverride and pcdmrts:rightsOverrideExpiration, which are recommended by Hydra Rights Metadata Working Group.
        2. We should make sure to include embargo examples in documentation, but it may be difficult to put this into the conversion code.
    3. Indiana
      1. Have lots of legacy metadata will a wide variety of rights info; looking to clean up as they migrate, using only URIs if possible
      2. using edm:rights
    4. edm:rights seems like predominant choice
      1. will go with this for now
      2. further discussion possible if other institutions have other ideas

  4. Collab issues voting document feedback (
    1. Steven will send out this multi-item poll via email
    2. Voting will be open to larger Hydra community
    3. Recommended that links to relevant documentation be added to questions on accession number, extent, and spatial coordinates

  5. Hydra Connect 2016 information

    1. MODS-to-RDF session will be on Wednesday 10/5 from 2:10-3:10
    2. will focus on converting descriptive metadata to RDF
    3. plan to walk through conversion process for different institutions

  6. Next meeting: Monday October 17th at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST.

    1. Homework: <mods:part>, <mods:extension>, <mods:recordInfo>
      1. Only need to complete mappings if you have use cases for these elements.



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