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  • MODS and RDF Call 2016-08-08
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: (New call in line since mine seems down)

Call conference line: 513-386-0000
Access code:687142

Homework Reminder: 

Moderator: Steven Anderson (Boston Public Library)

Primary Notetaker: Shawn Averkamp (etherpad link:



  1. Conversion Code Update

    1. No major updates

  2. Collaboration Documents Review Discussion

    1. Columbia

      1. Title: wonders if RDA unconstrained properties have been explored? Melanie will provide some example mappings and the group will review next time.

      2. OriginInfo: we selected the wrong edition property, should use bf:editionStatement - ,  bf:providerRole does not exist in BF 2.0. Look at bf:provisionAcitivity examples.

      3. Date: should we allow for a free text date? There is a need for string date in some cases. Steven suggests using a date note. Steven will add examples of date note to mappings documents.

      4. Subject: did we look at MADS RDF to express subjects? Danny reminds us we were staying away from MADS/MODS RDF to avoid blank node issues. Melanie metioned the blank node issue to Ray Deneberg and he says we should look at the schema, blank nodes are not necessary (?). We will look at MADS RDF for subject strings for next meeting.

    2. BPL

      1. Title: look at BF 2.0 title? Potentially remove titleForSort -- application logic could handle this. 2 against removing it because of language issues. How to handle partNumber? Structured part information should be handled elsewhere, so we do not need a separate predicate for partNumber.

      2. Name: How to express afilliation in complex example? Opportunity to model similar to holding institution? How to model a conference name? Could map as an Organization. But do we need to be getting into these levels of detail? Do we also need recommendations on distinction between Organization and Conference? BPL is using LC URIs for conferences, but the disinction between personal and corporate is important to them when minting local names. Something for people to think about, if we need to make a recommendation

      3. OriginInfo: With BF 2.0, bf:frequency now requires a range of object instead of string literal. Should we mint our own property? Melanie says there is a pretty standardized list of values, so could we use that? We would need to find that list expressed in RDF that would fit the domain. LOC frequency list at, could use these as object of bf:frequency. Consider for next meeting. For bf:providerRole, we should now add a type of bf:Manufacture to the object. RDA value vocabulary Frequency:

      4. PhysicalDescription: “bibframe:extent” no longer accepts string literals in version 2.0. BPL does not want to mint extent statements.  Recommends “modsrdf:physicalExtent”  that allows for string literals since both bibframe and dcterms don’t allow for this now. (This would be our first actual use of MODS RDF!)   “modsrdf:digitalOrigin” has a range of string. BPL recommends it over opaque:digitalOrigin. Makes sense to use something that allows strings, but there may not be other options. What about RDA vocabularies? Look at for next meeting. What about uptake of either of these vocabularies? Much effort that went into these has gone into BF development. But there is some work going into aligning RDA vocabularies wtih BF. RDA extent:

      5. Subject: Still looks a bit rough. Some things never fully mapped. Temporal and hierarchical geographic were never fully mapped. We may need to devote another meeting to it. Another concern that minting objects for uncontrolled terms is overkill. Steven says depends on what you do with it, could be beneficial for autocomplete, lookups. Depends on your use case. Eben: we've already crossed that bridge with other objects, so it's not adding that much more complexity, but it still feels like overkill.

    3. Steven will combine Columbia and BPL concerns, others should submit their feedback.

    4. Question about how to deal with dateIssued and dateCreated? Application logic will deal with prioritizing date use.

  1. Holding location and shelf location voting results and discussion

    1. Results:

    2. Only 5 results, so we will put out another reminder, send  other lists (hydra community, islandora), and raise on Hydra metadata slack channel.

  2. Next MODS element assignment

    1. Look at RDA title and BF 2.0 title compared to current mappings

    2. Look at MADS RDF for subjects

    3. Look at LOC publication frequencies list to see if appropriate as object of bf:frequency

    4. Look at using MODS RDF or RDA vocabulary for physical extent

    5. Steven will add more examples for date notes

    6. Update bf:edition with bf:editionStatement

    7. Other insitutions' feedback on collaboration documents

    8. Review holding location and shelf location results (if any other votes)

  3. Next meeting: Monday August 22nd, at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST.



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