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  • MODS and RDF Call 2016-07-11
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Time: 9am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework Reminder: 

Moderator: Steven Anderson (Boston Public Library)

Primary Notetaker: Eben English (etherpad link:



  1. Conversion Code Update
    1. No major updates
    2. Emory has uploaded a few records
    3. Next update should be later this week, Steven will email out changes to the group.

  2. Notes
    1. Has this been finalized? Need to add further discussion to agenda for next time.

  3. physicalLocation and Organization discussion
    1. Holding Institution concept
      1. Some predicate possibilities:
        1. dbpedia:owner (requires minting foaf:Agent object)
        2. bf:heldBy (requires minting bf:Agent object)
        3. edm:dataProvider (requires minting edm:Agent object)
        4. dcterms:provenance (requires minting dcterms:ProvenanceStatement object)
        5. dc:publisher (we're already using this for <mods:publisher> values)
        6. modsrdf:locationOfResource (requires minting modsrdf:Location object)
    2. Columbia has not yet done mapping, will contribute for next meeting
    3. Steven will create a summary "options" document to facilitate comparison of options
    4. We could consider minting a new predicate?

  4. Identifier voting results (
    1. Based on:
    2. Option 2 (using LoC has the most votes, from both group participants and others
    3. Steven will try and work this in to this week's conversion code update

  5. Hydra Connect 2016 (
    1. Presentation would be better than workshop
    2. Possible topics to cover:
      1. Running conversions
      2. Feedback on decisions and predicates chosen
      3. Describing collaborative process
      4. Approaches to modeling descriptive metadata in RDF
      5. complexity of MODS as RDF
      6. Pain points, problems, challenges (and how they were overcome)
    3. Emily Porter and Julie Hardesty interested in helping
    4. Relation to larger Descriptive Metadata working group unclear – not sure if they're presenting

  6. Next meeting: Monday July 25, at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST.
    1. Homework: review collaboration documents (Steven will send out links)




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